I Heard The Wages Of Sin Is Death

But first I gotta work my homesick ass to the bone apparently before I get paid for my iniquities.

The Wifely Unit’s Nephew showed up to start trimming hedges and bushes.

That shit was on my To Do list but he can always use money because he wants to be some kind of Pastor and never seems to have a real job so when he comes to town she has him do little odd jobs and pays him.

That works for me BUT.

He always leaves a big mess.

I caught him first this time though. The yard debris bin is empty and I spread a tarp out in the side yard and told him to make a fucking pile this time instead of just leaving shit where it drops.

On my end, I already have a shit ton of things that need doing.

My truck bed is already full from cleaning out the garage last week.

That’s one Dump Run.

All the busted concrete and that kind of crap from the Gate Post project is sitting on a tarp in the side yard and needs to be loaded up and hauled off.

That’s two runs.

Then whatever yard debris he piles up will have to be loaded and hauled off.

That’s three runs.

Then and only then, I get to start making a new pile for yet another dump run.

I took this next week off except for Sunday because they don’t have anyone to cover that shift.

I have accumulated enough PTO that it was bumping up against the limit they will accrue it to.

Now that my Mom has passed, her house and the garages need to be gone through and a realtor is coming Monday to give the joint a look see so we can get a list of shit that needs to be fixed over there. There is a whole ton of crap that needs to get done over there now but thankfully my Brother and his wife are directing that project.

There is going to be a Dumspter ordered and a work crew assembled to fill it up.

I am going to get rid of the canopy on the truck at some point during all this. There are things that I need to haul that I can’t get in the truck with it on over there and the damn thing is all tore up anyway. It has served it’s purpose of getting me through the Winter but it is so heavy that it takes four full grown men to lift it on or off , I had to use a forklift to get it on there.

I also still have my little projects to work on, I have been ordering and collecting even more parts for that damn Mini Lathe project that are sitting out there waiting to be installed.

I think you get the picture here.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked.

5 thoughts on “I Heard The Wages Of Sin Is Death

  1. Sorry to hear about your Mom Phil. Lost mine over 30 years ago in her 50’s. Still miss her everyday. Pace yourself brother we need you around for awhile.


  2. Phil- I can identify with your predicament. Went thru that twice with my dad and then mom. Now have in-laws to deal with. Not to preach brother, but dwell on putting one foot in front of the other. One bit at a time. After awhile, all will be good.


  3. My condolences, life isn’t fair, no one said it would be, but at least, we as siblings do not go first. I know it doesn’t always happen that way, but thank GOD for small favors when it does.


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