12 thoughts on “Cats Are Assholes, Episode 2,467,843

  1. Next picture of that dog ,he’ll slide the dish away from the wall and into a corner, so that asshole cat can’t do that.


  2. I had a cat, female who loved to 20 years, and looked the type where butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Her party trick was to lie and soak up the sun in the middle of the drive and of course the Alsatian across the road couldn’t resist. So she would lie and wait until the idiot would charge her and then leap on his face and scratch the hell out of him. The owner got angry with me over that, but I pointed out to him that my cat was on my property and little puss was merely protecting her own, and if he wanted to do anything about it, it would cost him big time. I suggested he keep his mutt locked up. Needless to say, puss remained queen of the street until she passed on to cat heaven.


    • If that cat had done that to my Blue Heeler, the cat would have been dead 30 seconds later, and the Heeler would have been quite proud. The cat would also have a problem if the dog were a Jack Russell Terrorist.


  3. Wow. What a prick move!

    Never happen in my house. I have three big dogs. Pick on one, they all get involved.

    Hell, there’s drama every time the old cat is seen by one of the pack.

    That said, we don’t know what the dog may have done to the cat, who probably waited until the dog’s back was turned for payback. My daughter left her big tiger cat at my sister’s when she went to the beach. They had a yorkie that would chase the beast around and torment it.

    One day my sister went in the bedroom where the cat was hanging out with the yorkie in tow. The cat reached out from under the bed, grabbed the dog, and dragged it under the bed where it proceeded with an epic beatdown. (The cat was bigger than the dog -~15lbs of solid muscle)

    We still laugh about it to this day.


  4. I have a cat who looks and behaves just like in that short vid. Tater tot’s the name, aka Tay Tay. Layin right next to me as I type. He got a strip an a half of bacon for breakfast this morning, he demands real meat when it’s waftin in the air. He likes to pick on my old, blind Jack Russel, Buzzdog. Funny how Tater tot found me. I was out at the property dumpin 5.56 mags and he ran to me,as if to say, hey, I dig you a lot. Care to be my friend? Been good buds ever since.


  5. My favorite cat passed a few years ago. Jazz would chase the neighbor’s German Shepherd to the point the dog was terrified of him and he would steal his bones. Nothing or nobody could come into the yard while the kids were outside playing. Best of all, loved meat fresh off the grill and smoker, would wait patiently until it was done and expect payment for guard duty, along with a small saucer of beer.


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