5 thoughts on “Thanks For Clearing That Up For Us

  1. I expect Phil, Y’all, I’m probably gonna be getting some er, ‘unkind things’ my way when y’all see whose name is featured on the link but, then again unkind things said about me I’m used to (been married three times and I voted for Trump and would again – vote for Trump I mean, no more marryin’ for me … do have a chief cook and bottle-washer around but ain’t no nuthin’ on paper …


    Ordinarily I’d feel *kinda bad for a dumpling what gets such sh[ee]t from people calling in but in this case I don’t. Not one damn bit.

    Kinda like some of, it would appear, recent comments I’ve just become aware of in these here parts. Feed ’em fish heads or to the fish.


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