I Guess We Shall Have To Wait And See Now, Won’t We?

I just took a $300 gamble that Teh Stoopit will be abated for September and October.

Actually, The Wifely Unit did, it’s my Father’s Day present.

Megadeath and Lamb Of God

Rescheduled to Sat • Sep 4 • 6:00 PM Portland, OR — Moda Center

Judas Priest –

50 Heavy Metal Years SEC 201, Row X , Seats X and X, Sun, Oct 03 @ 7:30pmPortland, OR — Moda Center

The Wifely Unit had bought the tickets to Megadeath over a year ago, before The Great Scam started. I have seen Judas Priest at least 8 or 9 times already, they were one of the last concerts I went to before the bullshit started.

I figure what the hell.

As long as they aren’t completely fucking stupid about getting into a concert hall by the end of Summer I’ll go see them one more time, just for old times sake.

14 thoughts on “I Guess We Shall Have To Wait And See Now, Won’t We?

  1. Back in the day 1980, I went to a Arlo Guthrie concert. No internet back then. So I show up and they announce that Arlo is sick. You can have your money back but Arlo promises to come back after the tour. I take the ticket and come back at the assigned time. Again, Arlo is sick bu promising to come back. I take the ticket.
    A month later 300 close fans with Arlo and an acoustic guitar. Lifetime best concert. Singing Alice’s Restaurant with Arlo and 300 friends, priceless.

    Hope yours is as good.


  2. Being in Portland will you have to wear a face diaper and a face shield? Will the band have to wear them too? That might start a new trend in metal… more garbled and incomprehensible then before.


  3. Took my son to see them in Atlanta when Clinton was running. They had been campaigning.
    My favorite Megadeth line is, “Bloodstains on my hands and I don’t know where I’ve been”.

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  4. Wife got me tickets as well. Shit was scheduled for last year and the Wu-flu fucked that all up. Priest and Sabaton in Cedar Park on 10/13. Seen Priest many times and they always kick ass. Really looking forward to seeing Sabaton, never seen them live before, but I love their historical war songs.

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    • Hell yeah! Got busted speeding to “Heading Out to the Highway”. Foot was on the floor and doing 120 when the lights showed up. Because it was middle of the night in no where south west Kansas, he let me off (Who says miracles don’t happen!).
      Saw the Priest several times…only once was assigned seating. Damn good shows. If they make it to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia I may have to see them again for old times sake.

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  5. Waiting to see what happens with GWAR, myself. If you think the pit would be ruined by social distancing horseshit, half the Scumdogs’ gag is hosing down the crowd with indeterminate fluids…

    And I fucking well fight my way up as far as possible to be soaked. \m/

    My hair (and the base color of that shirt) *was* white at the start of the show. Glasses got busted by a crowd-surfer about 20 minutes in, but I halfassed ’em back together before I drove home, where I took the pic – when the lights came back up, I looked like Carrie’s understudy.

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  6. I love both bands. Hate crowds. I wish I could go to a concert.
    On another note my 17 Y.O. Son is converting his whole high school to metal fans thanks to the movie “Dirt”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a very good and accurate movie and I don’t watch movies

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