13 thoughts on “Bless His Little Heart, Isn’t That Special?

        • I just checked my phone it you aren’t blocked, yet. Lol.
          It says the last time you tried to call me was on May 5th.
          I have you with a 605 area code number. If that ain’t right then email me the right one.
          I have been putting in 50 hour work weeks and the hospice lady says she thinks my Mom might pass tomorrow so I have more shit on my plate than you can even imagine right now.


    • FAA Directive to all pilots overflying Arkansas. Subject: Hazard to Air Navigation. Suggest that all flight crew don old SAC nuclear anti-flash shields, or at least a set of welding goggles while the sun is risen. Reason: that dang Cederq done polished his gay-bar again!


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