Something To Think About

Money And Computers – Disaster Coming?

I hate to admit it but I don’t usually carry around much cash anymore because those damn debit cards are so much more convenient than having to sit on a wallet that cuts the circulation off to my leg when it’s got a bunch of Fiat Bux in it.

Just recently though I have started carrying a little cash on me just for when what he talks about goes on.

I think you should go read what he has to say.

11 thoughts on “Something To Think About

  1. Maybe time to throw away my computers and my flip phone… I can balance a checkbook the old fashioned way. I have tools and can just about fix anything. Phil, can you write long paper bulletins and send them so we all can keep in touch?


  2. I carry a money clip to hold (some) of my cash. I call it my “throw down” money, as in if I get robbed I can throw that down and run, and maybe [get enough distance to draw and fire] avoid an unpleasant incident (having to replace my drivers license).

    I also do a lot of business in the cash economy now, and save a bunch of money that way. The bonus is no one knows what I’m buying.



  3. Neal Boortz’s Dollar Bill Savings Plan* is part of this story. I miss Neal calling the baby ugly. Maybe I need to go see if he is posing anywhere.

    *relevant because the idea is to use cash and save the change. Of course, that means a fatter wallet unless you just carry a bigger bill for yourself. Save everything under $5, and give the rest to the wifey unit to spend. ROFLMAO like Phil would do that. Put it in that chalice in the workshop and buy tools with it more likely.


  4. Already on it. Been building a little cash stash. Amazing how cash makes prices fall. And a little ammo stash. And a canned goods stash. Got a lot of beef in the freezer thanks to a friend that raised it. Also looking at generators so I can keep the well running when the power goes out. Off the subject but people need to get off city water because they can turn that off any time they feel like it and it’s polluted anyway. I tell people I have a 400 feet deep limestone filter.


  5. I’ve had fun going to the bank drive-through with a mask, shades, and a hat, saying “I need a thousand in cash”. There have been a couple of idiots who actually ask “What are you going to do with it?” I always reply “Hookers and cocaine, just like Hunter Biden”. BFYTW.

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