13 thoughts on “Gotta Love Them There City Slickers

  1. What in the wide wide world of sports is going on here ?
    Stupid to infinity. But I have seen stuff elsewhere like this, but some now the idiots usually survive. Too bad.


  2. Did the dumbass even consider he wouldn’t be able to outdrive the tree falling on him, assuming(!) he even could do that??
    Yup. Weapons-grade stoopid.


  3. I sorta got a feeling it was intentional. Look at the parting lines where it came off. Looks like they coulda killed their dog.


  4. Maybe I’m blind. What did they tie to? I can see the rope going above the bumper. Was it the rear door (or whatever it’s called on an suv)?! The stupid is unbelievable but I’m curious as to how someone arrived at this being a good idea. I’ve heard of people towing 30′ boats w/ their corvettes to get an insurance payout. This has to be one of those. Getting a driver’s license from a cracker jack box is a stretch if this wasn’t intentional!


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