You Know What Happens To Nice Guys

So quit being nice to these assholes.

Sure, we would all like to go along to get along but that shit has gotten us exactly where we are right now.

Even our own government has declared us to be Enemies of the State.

We have clinically insane people trying to impose their especially salty flavor of crazy on us and declare it normal and expect us to just roll over and take it lest we get swarmed by the SJW Division of the One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Brigade.

I means seriously, when you have some shit house rat crazy bastard IN THE NEWS, trying to tell us that birds are racist?

Yeah, that shark done been jumped.

Fifty years ago there would have been a couple of huge guys in white coats looking for his ass.

That’s the kind of person you don’t make eye contact with and cross the street when you see him coming at ya on the sidewalk.

Trouble is, they are ALL like that now.

It’s like some kind of competition to see who can come up with the most outrageous shit and make the public swallow it.

I don’t need that. I don’t need to be around people who act like that and if they make the mistake of getting too close to me they soon find out that it wasn’t such a good idea in the first place.

Because I know crazy.

Been there, done that, used the T Shirt to change the oil in my car with.

That’s me though. I’m not Joe Douchenozzle Republican whore politician.

But I repeat myself.

Those spineless cocksuckers are the reason we are having to put up with this shit in the first place.

They are deathly afraid someone won’t like them if they actually speak their mind so the Liberals just steam roll their asses constantly.

Well here’s a little bit of trivia for ya, Mr. Joe Douchenozzle Republican Whore politician,


Because you are weak and have ZERO principals.

Fuckin’ GUMBY has more spine than you shit weasels.

So as usual, it’s going to be up to us, like we don’t have enough shit to deal with.

You just have to keep an eye out because they like to attack in packs.

Got some know it all KAREN all up in your grill whining about some imaginary butthurt?

GO OFF ON THAT BITCH and get in her personal space doing it.

Make her step back because she isn’t sure that you aren’t just going to cold cock her.

Some whiny assed faggot telling you about the six hundred and fifty two imaginary genders?

Ask ’em if they got a dick and then just stand their staring straight into their eyes without saying another word.

If the ignorant fuck tries to keep on with that shit then flat out say, well if you ain’t got a dick then you either want one or had it cut off, either way you are a freak and THEN walk away.

Got some loose screw trying to give you that ZHE/it pronoun horse shit?

Excuse me miss but your mental instability is making me uncomfortable.

Rude asshole are the operating words here.

Fuck these fucking fucks.

You wanna play, bring that shit on.

I can guarantee you won’t want to be talking to me for very damned long.

Because I used to be a Nice Guy but you fuckers buried that dude long ago.

Now I’m old and I don’t put up with bullshit.

I am NOT, in the fertilizer business.

Got it?

So when you come around with your insanity and expect me to roll over for it I would be getting ready for RAGING ASSHOLE if I were you.

The rudeness is just my idea of foreplay.

38 thoughts on “You Know What Happens To Nice Guys

  1. Freedom isn’t free, the price of Constant Vigilance and getting into the face of those that daily impinge upon your freedom is PART of that Price.

    Being an Cold Hearted Asshole with a valid point (as opposed to simply being an Angry unstable asshole, we ALL know some eh?) will HAVE A Price as the SJW and Karen’s WILL call the Cops on you and try to cause trouble.

    THIS IS PRICELESS, I hope I can remember it under stress:

    Got some loose screw trying to give you that ZHE/it pronoun horse shit?

    Excuse me miss but your mental instability is making me uncomfortable.

    EXPECT you will find yourselves in a shout down, maybe crowd threats, maybe real violence.

    AND Sadly expect that the Police will Arrest You for it.

    It’s reality and we have to deal with it.


  2. If you’ll notice, the bullshit they spew has been heavily practiced for maximum effect on the recipient which makes it extra delicious when you go into full asshole mode and take them down.


  3. How about live and let live. If someone is in your face, that’s one thing. But when you’re walking down the street and you see someone who doesn’t look like you, so what?


    • Because when they are walking down the street and see someone who doesn’t look like them, act like them, believe like them they all too often don’t seem to be able to live and let live. They become militant and go on the attack. That’s where being an asshole really comes into its own. Most “someones” that have the itch to get in my face about me and my beliefs back down when they get up close and I don’t even need to say or do anything. Being an asshole has a quality all its own.


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      • “They all too often don’t seem to be able to live and let live. They become militant and go on the attack.” As I said in my post, if someone’s in your face, that’s one thing. I’m having a hard time imagining people attacking you. Granted, we don’t know anything about each other. It just doesn’t seem logical, though, that people are going to attack you for no reason.


    • Maybe you’re comment is in jest, just in case it wasn’t, as I recall Phil only put up his tip jar after folks were requesting a means to toss a coin or two his way, not that he decided he wanted to stand here with his hand out. The information, humor and entertainment offered here is better than going to the movies and a hell of a lot cheaper because you (impersonal sense) don’t “have to” pay anything for it.

      AND maybe I’m out of line here but I don’t understand folks coming to a guys blog and making backhanded insults. Years ago when I watched TV if I didn’t like what was on I changed the channel (now it’s all crap and I don’t even have one in the house). It’s easy to not come here, just don’t click on his site.


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      • Guys like hedgie-wedgie are just pissed off that people like Phil got something to say that’s of value and that he doesn’t… last thing of value that belonged to hedge was the vaginal bloodfart that came out of his momma back in the day, and got named ‘hedge’


    • Where to even start with that crap Hedge?
      I guess first of all, Fuck You.
      Second, as Wes pointed out, it was only after being pestered for months by well meaning people wanting to donate to me that I finally relented and put up the Tip Jar.
      Third, I pay for this blog and Domain name out of my own ass pocket and that adds up to almost $300 a year so you and your asshole buddies can come here and talk shit to me for my trouble.
      So allow me to repeat myself,
      Fuck You.
      If you don’t like what you see here, quit coming around, go start your own damn blog and do whatever the hell you want with it.

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  4. Wow! We’ve all seen duck and varmint calls. Phil invented the bitch call! Anyway- I gotta say I had a front row seat watching corporate America replacing strong, super intelligent leaders with spineless yes men. The original cancel culture bullshit. Mockingly, I would slither around the facilities asking people “Have you seen my spine?”.

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  5. You said exactly what many many many of us out here think. Unsure what caused the rant but it was well received from this old curmudgeon.


  6. Been said that money talks but wealth whispers. That asshole quality has a wealth all its own, so whisper, my friend, just whisper. No need to get loud or belligerent. A buffoon making a ton of noise about ripping this and tearing that is no where near as terrifying as a calm, collected individual quietly stating you’re about to be dismembered and properly disposed of.

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  7. When I started reading this, it reminded me to ask if your employer has put you through the mandatory “You’re All Racists” class yet.

    If not, I’m sure it’s in your future, and I’m looking forward to reading your comments about it.


  8. I have found it lot better if you just look at the offended asshole and say nothing. just give them that cold dead stare, most will retreat as fast as they can i have to go the the va every month.
    not once did i wear a mask. then again, i am a old big guy who looks like i don’t give a fuck either.
    and people tend not to brother me much. never had a “karen” get in my face about it.
    so, fuck em.


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