Yeah Yeah, That’s Cool And All But…

I want that little one in the back ground.

Gotta admit though, it’s been many years since I have seen an actually functional Amphicar.

They weren’t that common to begin with and finding parts for one has to be a stone bitch by now.

18 thoughts on “Yeah Yeah, That’s Cool And All But…

  1. Can you convert your Sprite into a Amphicar through a good old redneck engineering method? Get egorr and Irish and a few other tool heads together and could make it happen…. It would be a site to see once ya’ll got it finished and with egorr it will have a Wi Fi Hot spot and Bluetooth capability.


      • The Amphicar was built in West Germany using the engine from a Triumph Herald. Oddly enough it was made by the Quandt Group that owned 10% of Mercedes-Benz and almost a third of BMW.
        There’s a lunatic in Canada who owns several and sells parts.


    • Ah yes, Lucas – prince of darkness. When Ford bought Jaguar back in the late 1980s, one of the first things they did was pissing off anything Lucas. Jaguars suddenly became reliable almost overnight.


  2. Wheh i was young, there was an amusment park named Santa’s Village in
    west Dundee, Illinois . They had those amphibious cars


  3. Disney Springs has a hole bunch of these cars. you can ride in one for about $145.00 for 30 minutes. there is a driver though, your just a passenger


  4. I take it that they don’t see any use in Florida, Louisiana, or other alligator habitats? Any sizable estuarine crocodile would just put it’s head in and lift an occupant out, as they are known to do with a small dinghy or canoe.


  5. I grew up in Camas (back when it was a pretty nice town), and there was a fellow who had one of those and would take it out on Lacamas Lake (back when the lake was still fairly clean).

    He never took it out on the Columbia River, though, because he wasn’t a complete fool.


  6. Rather have a DUKW. Guy in my old neighborhood had one and was restoring it.

    Put an A-frame jib crane on it (like they did after Tarawa, Bloody Tarawa) and you can lift whatever you want (well, up to 2 tons worth, though you could haul up to 3 tons total (including crane) if you are careful.


  7. Top Gear (formerly) Great Britain did several episodes converting cars and trucks into amphibians. I think they actually hot a Toybota to cross the English Channel to France.


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