26 thoughts on “Traffic Control?

  1. Dumb ass deserved that. No situational awareness? Does he think he owns the road? What? Are bicyclists a priviliged class? In 50 years of riding I’ve only had to get off the sidewalks maybe 5 minutes total. Usually when pedestrians see a Harley coming they clear the sidewalks.

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    • I think it was a race that was supposed to have that lane blocked off but the cop was too busy looking at his phone.
      So did you get all moved?
      I kinda dropped the ball about getting back to you on that vise.


      • Speaking of dropping the ball, I liked your comment over at Vox Popoli about his boomer hard on. I read him and read the comments but don’t comment much any more because of the sycophants over there. All high and mighty with their over developed egos that don’t match their under developed IQ… Vox occasionally has some pearls of wisdom as well as a few of his ilk, but I get a kick out of his rage on for what he perceives we accomplished or didn’t accomplished due to our selfishness and not saving our money to pass on on our death, like it was explained to me by my dad, I don’t owe you shit except the clothes on your back and food in your tummy and a warm bed until you are eighteen and the world at large don’t owe you shit. Go into the service or get a job and pay me rent or go to college and I will board you for two years and then you are on your own.


        • Totally agree with you cederq.

          Wtf with all these MF’ing, boomer hating, Vox readers who think we need to supply them with an inheritance.

          Great grandparents, grandparents and parents gave us nothing. We made our own way in the world. Maybe those boomer hating vox readers need to pull up their big girl panties and make their own way in world.

          Why are they sitting around and waiting for an inheritance on the backs of their elders. Pussies thinking we owe them something.


        • I also occasionally read vox popoli. The boomer hate/jealousy is kinda hard to swallow. World don’t owe you shit.


        • Still read SOME articles over there. The Boomer WHAA-WHAA stuff is too trite to pay attention to. I do find it interesting that the same comments the spoiled segment of Boomers used to use is now being used by the Vox crowd. Talk about lack of historical awareness 🙂

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            • And all of this from some cheezedoodle who moved to Italy because he couldn’t deal with being an American in America.

              Fucking loser moves to a socialist country to bitch about the US of A.

              Talk about a friggin whiner. Even that turncoat Commie Suckup John Cena has more class. Though that jerk is a whole new level of turd-burglar.


    • Same here, as Johno of Aussie backwards Land is happy to call the push bar on my truck a “Gay Bar” it strikes fear into cyclists and I am not above to come as close as I can to them queers in nylon…


      • Cederq, those gayboy cyclists are probably inspecting their reflection in the mirror effect of that bright shiny (gay)bar. Do you often have to wipe bloody scuff marks off of it?


  2. Well, not so brutal as you, Ray-ray, running away to some furrin country, Alaksa, jes’ to escape yo Georgia Peach’s lovin’ arms. Army boy, you used to jes’ lurve “riding yo very own Tank”! So whys yo leave me so heartbroke?


  3. Well, not so brutal as you, Ray-ray, running away to some furrin country, Alaksa, jes’ to escape yo Georgia Peach’s lovin’ arms. Army boy, you used to jes’ lurve “riding in yo very own Tank”! So whys yo leave me so heartbroke?


    • Death! I didn’t know you had a rotund Georgia peach mooning for your sweet Penn ass? I loved driving those tanks around too, king of the road.


      • I’m thinking some broke dick from the land down under is the true aurthor and has assumed a new pen name.

        I just call him Harvey Pudfucker.


  4. I had an idea to sell a jig to hold a magnifying lens in front of a smartphone camera, for blokes wanting to take more impressive dick-pics, brilliant! Deathray, you can get one free, to do product testing, you’ll have to pay for your own MMS messages down to Georgia, but. Hey, did you find any snakes or other critters living in that dark ‘swamp’, down there?


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