How Quaint, When A Dollar Still Had Value

Where to start with this.

The AVERAGE house around here is now going for around $420K so you can move that decimal point over TWO places.

A new car, what, $35K? For basic transportation.

You can easily spend $100K on a new truck these days.

A pound of Bacon is $5, Coffee is close to $10 last time I bought some and I don’t even want to know what a year at Harvard costs.

Yet $50K a year in wages isn’t even considered Middle Class anymore.

The best part?

These are The Good Old Days.

Empty shelves in a grocery store. Credit: TRT World. License:

Since anyone that isn’t a Multi Millionaire is going to be going along for this ride I’m thinking things are about to get REAL interesting when all this FIAT money starts clogging up the pipeline.

Wall Street and all the Insiders are going to skim most of it off as designed but the over all effect is going to destroy what’s left of the buying power of the Dollar.

China and Russia both are dumping the Green Back as a store of wealth and the preferred unit of trade.

That’s about a third of the planet geographically.

What to do when your government issued currency becomes basically worthless?

They are going for The Great Reset for a reason people.

21 thoughts on “How Quaint, When A Dollar Still Had Value

  1. 1 gallon of gas for a silver dime.
    What is a silver dime worth today?
    About $3.40, the same price of today’s gallon of gas.
    Our constitutional money still works just fine.
    It’s the shit-bird, welfare addicts who have destroyed our money.


    • So by your reckoning, with all of the years of experience I have,complete with hundreds of hours of training, a degree in Automotive Technology and about a hundred grand invested in tools, I should be charging over two hundred dollars an hour to change the oil in your car. When would you like to schedule that appointment?


  2. If you really want to ruin your lunch google the quote you’ll own nothing and be happy

    Plenty of straight from the Asses Mouth the World Economic Forum what they really mean by Great Reset.

    There you can really see in concrete terms what our “Betters” want to have complete before 2030


  3. Well something to look forward too, after our “Great Reset” and hyperinflation wrecks this economy and what survivors we have left will, maybe, see these types of prices and wages again when the remnant rebuilds and reattains the technology and skills. Hopefully we put controls that work on politicians and government and ban corporations from ever trampling our “Rights” We get to shoot them next time if they get out of line…


  4. Not trying to be a dink, fellas… but I wonder. Many of us ARE selling our souls for the North American dream. We all have to keep up with the Joneses. We have to have hones that are 2500+ sq. ft. We have to have two new cars. That’s just for starters to; we all need the big RV, the ATVs and sleds, or the extravagant vacation or the biggest, fastest toys. We drown in debt and blame the banks, the Jews, the Globalists, the powers that be, etc.

    My grandmother’s house was built in the early 40s and was about 700 sq.ft. They had a single car garage with a dirt floor. The two daughters had one bicycle to share between them in the 50s. Gramma worked and Grandma stayed home with the kids. For the times, they were respectable upper middle class.

    Maybe a reset of some kind might be a good idea… provided that our idiot leaders get reset too…?


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