For The Trolls I Seem To Have Collected Lately

You know who ya are, the little bitches that have been coming around talking shit about me being a toothless old man who likes to believe in conspiracy theories.

Well, ya got half of it right.

I’m gettin’ old and I’m running out of teeth to be pulled.

As for the conspiracy theory part, it seems to me that they are are trending towards being factual in greater numbers by the fucking day.

Fauci, Wuhan and weaponized bio warfare were all conspiracy theories a month ago.

So I have something for you dumb fuckers here.

There’s two, just for you.

Stick one in your mouth and stick the other one up your ass

. Switch them every fifteen minutes.

22 thoughts on “For The Trolls I Seem To Have Collected Lately

  1. HeeHaw! That some good shit right there. When the balloon goes up, these crybaby bitches like crying retard are gonna be sucking piss. I always figured on using their carcass to feed my dog.


  2. Just keep on keepin’ on…. love your blog and many others tied to the Knuckledragger. I for one will keep coming back every day.


  3. Last years Conspiracy Theory is today’s reality. Lefties have some weird ability to never feel Wrong, regardless of how obvious it is.
    And the emails reveal fauci was being told things that reasonable people believed while he lied, and pushed policy not just unnecessary, but obviously harmful.. Now they circle the wagons.


  4. Rule to live by: “Never say something on line you’re not willing to say to someone in a movie theater line”. These little trolls think they can talk smack hiding behind a keyboard. I hope some day they get to enjoy a world where we’ve been emp’d or some other distopian fun house, where people aren’t restrained by the rule of law. In my opinion it’s coming soon. Then it will be, “mouth off, get bullet” . How long will the trolls last??


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