Now I Dunnit

Good Lord I have a lot of crap.

So much crap. that it actually got dangerous to try and get around out in the garage. Shit stacked up all over the place, machinery stuffed wherever it would fit, ditto on the storage cabinets etc.

What prompted this though, was the electrical cords I kept tripping over and getting tangled up in. There were several times that I almost did a nosedive into various pieces of sharp metal sticking out all over the place and I finally had enough.

If you thought my garage was a mess before, all I can tell you now is to brace yourself.

I can’t even get in there from the door to the house right now and there is shit scattered all the way out in the driveway.

There be some major rearranging going on.

So far I have about 5 hours into it. I have to, at the very least, get it all stuffed back inside at some point before I fall down tonight so I can shut the garage door.

As one would suspect, I am finding things I completely forgot I had .

Right now I’m just winging it, moving things around and then moving something else where I just had the first thing but my ultimate aim here is to get the machinery on one side and the storage shit on the other, as room will allow.

That would take care of a bunch of cords running all over the damn place.

Yes, it’s a disaster area right now and you can’t see it from that vantage but there is actually some free floor space out there, I just have to get stuff put in the right place and it will start appearing a little at a time.

17 thoughts on “Now I Dunnit

  1. And here I was thinking my garage was a disaster. Well, in actuality, it is. At least mine isn’t rated on the Fujita Scale yet.
    Hell, I might have to get a tetanus shot just by looking at that picture. 😉

    Whitehall, NY

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  2. Brother, you need to do a gofundme to get a place in the country.

    Couple of acres with a nice big 40×40 shop to retire to.

    I love your blog. I have been watching you for years. I feel your pain and all.

    Best of luck.

    P.s. If I ever win the jackpot on one of them lotteries, you are on my very short list of peeps to “square away”.

    GOD loves you.

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  3. phil, as my dad would say, “you have more stuff than carter has liver pills” never saw any myself,
    but it was one of his favorite saying. but really, you have taken stuff/junk collecting to a new level.
    i know how hard it is to get rid of “stuff”. bad part is you ALWAYS FIND A NEED FOR SOMETHING YOU JUST GOT RID OF. i think it a law of nature or something. just so you know,
    your stuff problem will not be solved by a bigger place. one anyways gets more stuff to fill the void.
    you might as well face it, you a pack rat. but there are many like you. myself included.
    keep up the good work. there nothing like the feeling of a clean floor not that is lasts long,,,.


  4. I did the same thing man with a mess just as bad. I’ll send you a pic of the completed version if you want. Took one whole wall and turned it into a shelving unit. 4 levels then a built a shelving unit/work bench on the other side. Then I built a work table with table saw well on one end and miter saw well on the other.


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