16 thoughts on “Mental Illness Is Not Funny

  1. Is that a footsie on his onesie he wears to bed where he dreams the distressing dreams?
    Look down, below the chair.
    Why would anyone post something like that?


  2. Here we have proof of my “Banality Theorem” which states that the grand total of the bandwidth of social media far exceeds the grand total of interestingness of humanity. We invented all this technology so this dipshit can post that his dream hurt his wittle feewings on the internet. Somebody needs to take him way out in the woods with a few days of supplies, a map, and a compass and drop him off. If he makes it back fine, if not, also fine.


  3. Nurse Sandy has had a similar affect on me.
    Then when she offered to cook me a duck and some venison…..
    I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since.


    • Deathray, would that because you can’t sleep on your stomach, now Head Nurse (Randy) Sandy has you excited? At your age too, did you take any blue pills by accident?


  4. Nothing screams mental illness more than a toothless geriatric posting incoherent conspiracy theories rooted in white victimization. But it sure is entertaining!


    • You be screaming for a place to recharge your phone when shit goes pear shaped. Maybe your little sister can help plug it into something.


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