It’s A Start

I bet you thought it was going to be impossible, didn’t you?

This was my garage three and a half hours ago,

This is after I busted my homesick ass trying to get it cleaned up enough to shut the door for the night.

And there it is,

I still have a long ways to go but at least I can walk through it now.

The back of the truck is full with stuff for the dump and there will be more, I guarantee it.

Not bad for a crippled up old man if I have to say so myself.

Sometimes I surprise myself when I see what I can get done when I really put my mind to it.

38 thoughts on “It’s A Start

  1. Keerist that was a bit of work. I’m working on mine but it was not quite that bad, just close. My problem is that I don’t have anything to throw away and my old body is in too bad of a shape at the moment to haul stuff to storage. My storage locker looks real nice and organized and I hope to keep it that way as I do the same for my garage. I need to make room for a Model A Ford which I will buy when there is room. I think the wife will be so happy with the cleanup that she will go along with a street legal, running, “A”.
    I hope you continue to be able to whip your shop into shape.
    Take care,


  2. Alright, I lived in that area for a while. I know the rain has stopped or will stop soon. How much was just moved outside since you have 3 months before it rains again?! More importantly, what has the wifely unit said about her new ‘lawn orbaments’?! 😉


  3. Good grief, there was actually a floor under all that lol. Seriously that’s a lot of work. As a fellow “let’s keep that just in case guy” I fully understand how you get to that point and then suddenly think I’ve gotta clean this out


  4. Just found your blog. I really appreciate that you have taken the time to put your thoughts down. I identify with your blog. I’m 67 (in August), and three years from retirement. I live three miles out side a small town of 1300 in rural South Texas. Married 45 years (last May). I love my Wife and kids, my seven grandchildren, my Freedom and just want to be left alone to live the few remaining years we have left IN PEACE. I look forward to future post you make.


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  5. Putting the mind to is it the easy part. Getting the body to follow suit is the real bitch. I have a chainsaw to rebuild, a truck to wash and some side racks for my KTM to tig together….and I’m here watching you clean your garage.
    So, to not be outdone, I’m going to switch over to pornhub and take care of my motivation for the day 🙂

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  6. Phil, one day your missus will go all KILLDOZER on your collection. Being able to see the floor there may be just too much an idea of the possibilities, for her not to keep you at it.

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  7. I definitely understand the issues with keeping the garage properly organized. There’s always something going on, needs fixin, needs something, and clearly never enough time in the day!

    That said, as someone who’s wifely unit is always nagging on me about the old beater I refuse to get rid of, extremely happy and proud of you to see the mighty Sprite happily parked in the driveway!

    Well done sir!


    • I have had a love/hate thing going with that POS since 1988 and had a Midget before that.
      I have finally gotten it to the point that if I put some new tires on it and bleed the brakes I could actually drive it so it’s probably going to be around for a while yet.


  8. Wow!
    Then again, I do about the same thing every weekend or so.

    It’ll look clean like that until the first time I get involved in a project. Hell, even get a project in my head. I see something that needs doing, then buy the parts, which sit on my bench or an abandoned bookshelf, starting the clutter all over.

    Then the next project I can’t find my shit, and I start cussing. Stuff will go missing while I’m using it…lost in the clutter. BTW I love all those 10MM socket memes, but I swear to God mine have wings or feet.

    I think the answer here is to clean up and put away the toys at the end of the day.


  9. Started organizing my shop. I’m to where I’ve uncovered the really nasty stuff on the floor. Last 10 minutes will be sweeping that up and deposit in trash. My wife will think I worked a week in that 10 minutes.

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  10. I may be wrong, but I think people with jammed garages share the same issue. That is having a powerful imagination. See something and in your mind’s eye, build something.

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    • That’s a pretty good observation.
      I see things all the time and think to myself that I can use that for….
      I have been repurposing things my entire life.
      The trouble is that there never seems to be enough time to finish one and get to that other one before something else strikes my fancy and gets tossed on the heap.


  11. I just scored a free shed on facesucker. Well my wife did it. Lady ain’t been in it in years, since last time she went in a rat ran up her arm…
    Said take it and everything in it. Get it outta here.
    Found a bag of bullets in there. And other sundry items.

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  12. I just scored a free shed on facesucker. Well my wife did it. Lady ain’t been in it in years, since last time she went in a rat ran up her arm…
    Said take it and everything in it. Get it outta here.
    Found a bag of bullets in there. And other sundry items.


  13. Twice in my long life that I have seen Phil’s garage floor! Will wonders ever cease and will the floor remain in this pristine condition past next week?


  14. I finished my garage cleanup mid May. Took a big ass dumpster and ruthless attitude about throwing shit away. You can do a lot with 2×4’s and luckily I did it while the price was only 6 bucks a stick vs 8.50 now. The plywood hurt the most. I didn’t waste much of what I had to use. Lots of measurement prep.
    let me know if you want to see the final (Kind of ongoing) but have a lot more room now.
    Bushwack in CA

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      • Sent, it’s still a work in progress but its getting there. Didn’t rush it, just did a little bit every chance I got. Hardest part was clearing out the wife’s shit and finding a place for it. Now there’s not a shelf empty, told her if it don’t fit on a shelf its trash. Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it this way but I like it.


      • Shit your place was just as bad as mine, I let it go far too long and allowed it to become just a storage shed for shit. If I needed a tool, it was easier to go get one than fight through the shit to get the one I already had. You’re getting there. Hardest part is getting started.


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