Not So Fast, Fauci

Where to begin with this lying piece of shit?

Right there.

He’s a lying piece of shit and the gig is up for his ass.

He lied to Congress, he lied the the President of the United States of America, he lied to the CDC, he lied to the American public and he lied to the entire world.

His lies cost millions of people their lively hoods, their businesses, their homes, their family ties and in thousands cases, their lives.

His lies also cost the U.S. Government TRILLIONS of dollars in stimulus payouts.

The damage this guy has caused will take GENERATIONS to get over and in all actuality may yet still bring down the entire World Economy and start World War III.

Given the Fauci FOIA email release it is now conclusively proved that rat bastard has been lying since this whole thing started on masks, on transmission, on all of it.

That’s bad enough but now we have something much worse — now we’re talking origins and intent, which China itself just put on the table.

China has recently said in their state media that the country must prepare for nuclear war following multiple calls, including out of Biden, for a Covid probe into the Wuhan lab.

Newsweek isn’t exactly a “right wing” magazine you know.

Why would you be concerned about nuclear war unless you know damned well the probe, if you can’t obstruct it, will prove you unleashed the virus — not on accident by being stupid but on purpose?

An accident doesn’t get you nuked.  It might get you sanctioned, it might get all your Treasuries incinerated, it might even get you embargoed with every firm in the US forced to pull out of there and return manufacturing and development to the US.  It might mean a cut-off of agricultural exports to China.  It could lead to any or all of those not just by the US but by other nations too.

It other words it might mean a lot of things and some of them you definitely would not like but it would not get you nuked.

But an intentional biological attack?

THAT might get you nuked.

And maybe it should.

What do you think China just admitted to folks?

Now that thousands of his Emails have been released the truth will not be denied.

Now that the truth has been exposed, Biden’s Handlers are trying to make him disappear.

That isn’t going to happen.

This guy has committed multiple crimes against humanity.

Swiped from Here.

This Euphemism you keep hearing about him helping develop “Gain of Function” for this human designed mutant virus has another, more accurate description.


It is a custom made Bio Weapon.

The Chinese turned it loose after he helped refine it and then lied his ass off about all of it.

Now they are trying to memory hole his ass and China is thinking the entire world is coming after them.

You are going to be hearing Fauci’s name on a lot of lips for a long time to come.

Benedict Arnold didn’t have anything on this guy.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Fauci’s legacy won’t be right up there with a bunch of other world famous mass murderers like Lenin, Pol Pot and maybe even Hitler in another twenty years when all this gets sorted out.

It’s for damned sure that this needs to get sorted out too.

I can’t see him getting off without any criminal charges at this point either.

36 thoughts on “Not So Fast, Fauci

  1. fauci and gates funded it, and thought it up in the first place. don’t blame china, it was an inside job. the same research was going on here until obamy got wind of it and banished it to china. btw, moderna was started by gates over a decade ago to design vaxs but never, in nine tries, got one approved b/c the third trial animal studies killed all the cats. they owed billions to their investors, had to come up with a way to pay back the cash. now they’re billionaires. follow the money.


    • They may have played a part,but mainly imo, this was the democrats + China colluding to get Trump out via Covid = Mail In Ballots = Massive vote fraud = No more DJT.


      • Exactly right. The second I heard that lab was in wuhan I knew the Democrats (pelosi) in the lead) had coordinated this with the Chicoms. It served both their purposes perfectly and let’s face it, neither gives a shit about their fellow countrymen.


  2. There is the proof of what many of us have suspected for the last 18 months, that all of this bullshit “pandemic” was deliberate, that he and several dozen others caused this with the blessing of the demorats and the deep state for manipulation, control and expansion of gov’t.

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  3. I think the best way to solve this problem is kind of like the way the french did back in what 1792 or something like that (little rusty on the date) but close enough.
    maybe use a place like say a football arena to hold it, plenty of cams to watch it, charge tickets
    to pay off the debit (?) maybe ? maybe better shots on pay pre view or something.
    might bring the country together or something nice like that. and there are lots of guilty clowns
    that need to pay for what they did or allowed to happen too.


  4. The True Masters of the World, a.k.a. The Usual Suspects, who mostly reside in the tiny City of London and Tel Aviv, the original creators of the Communism movement, decades ago did a deal with the Chicoms to divvy things up. They’ll never answer for their crimes, well, never have, to date anyway. Such as Gates, Fauci and Soros are just visible functionaries and figureheads of Deep State/Usual Suspects machinations.


  5. Normally, I’d say nothing would happen to fauci (or anyone on the left), but in this case, the story might be big enough that the dems feel they need to throw someone into the volcano for self-protection.

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  6. BTW Phil, WWIII ran from ’50 to ’53 in South and North Korea, and a little bit of Red China. It was the Soviets, Chicoms and NorKs vs much of the Free World forces. The US government (Democrat) knew the truth, had proof in the form of dead Soviets, but were worried that the American public would clamor to nuke their Commie pals. I think that we’ve been lied to, and manipulated, to fulfill the agenda of our true masters, likely it’s always been this way.


        • It’s always been out there ‘Oldest City Dude’ it’s simply owing to your insisting the otherwise. Hell even “classical liberals” (as opposed to “Lefties”) have long contended we must do as my Senator Cotton said we ought from the very beginning.

          This first addressing the link I placed earlier today [@ 8:16 am].

          And this last takes us to a Bill Maher Real Time appearance.

          Your ‘Oldest City Dude’ bona fides come close to matching theirs?

          Put up of shut up.

          Even idjits should know better.


            • A simple and illustrating example of willful ignorance, blindness, or perhaps, the usual suspect[s] at work.

              Expending effort fruitlessly.



              (One has to admire WaPo’s – Jeff Bezos ain’t it – *explaining how today’s media “debunks” stuff. … NYT for instance publishes an anonymous [purported] sourced claim which, when WaPo printing the same claim sourced simply owing to the NYT said so [likewise purported & anonymously sourced] which then WaPo in turn repeating the same gist *explains the retraction thusly:

              “Earlier versions of this story and its headline inaccurately characterized comments by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) regarding the origins of the coronavirus. The term “debunked” and The Post’s use of “conspiracy theory” have been removed because, then as now, there was no determination about the origins of the virus.”

              Too clever by halfass.



  7. I say bend his wrinkled ass over and give him a warm buttermilk enema. After that, cut a slit in his nutsack and run one of his legs thru it.


  8. First, send Fauci to Supermax, ’cause his life is now not worth a Tinker’s Dam.
    Second, inform China that they now owe US, our debt to them is no longer valid.
    Third, get the rest of the world to go along.
    Fourth, start rooting out the slime and scumbags in OUR neck of the woods. Over 3/4ths of Congress is a good start, along with a lot of the higher-ups in quite a few Megacorporations.
    Fifth, Trump won. Kick the losing two-bit whore and her dummy out of office, along with all their Commie/Marxist friends (appointees).

    We got a lot of cleaning up to do, folks. Gonna be blood spilled before this is over.


    • No first we give Fauci one shot each of the vaccines (the real ones he didn’t get as that was most likely not real) and see what happens then put him in regular prison and let it be known he helped kill old people and let “Nature” find a way


  9. Fauci refused to join the military when he got his medical degree. He opted to join the public health service instead, becoming one of the “yellow berets”. POS


  10. I read a piece somewhere earlier this AM that indicated China is dumping U.S. Treasuries like a hot potato. So incinerating their treasury holdings isn’t a strategy to punish them. Short of nuclear war, which in my estimation is a nonstarter because it’ll kill most everyone on the planet, the only way we can sanction them is to cut off trade. Then we, and the rest of the countries on the planet suffer because most trade goods, INCLUDING THE DRUGS THAT KEEP US WESTERNERS ALIVE, are and have been Made In China for a long time. Restarting home grown industry, without much of an experience base to build on will take a while.


    • Saw a headline somewhere “China building their military using our interest payments on the debt.” Also read Japan has more of it than China. Who knows.

      Tell you what though. Joey paying China to biological attack us, Russia warning Joey that upcoming talks will be “uncomfortable” (Would they say that to Trump), Iran getting stupid while we pay them more, Importing human garbage like popcorn, prices of gas and Everything way up and heading higher…. Libtards LOVE that shit. We need new words. Morons, Imbeciles, don’t even come close. Well, here’s a speeling error they can focus on and purr themselves back to sleep.


  11. I knew something was up when nearly the entire crew of an aircraft carrier were put out of operation. That’s an act of war.


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