Stirring Up Shit Generally Has Consequences

For those out there who seem to be especially slow on the uptake.

We Just Wanted To Be Left Alone, OK?

Still do.

Maybe this will start making a bit of sense to you now that you have some context?

And before you stupid fucking Trolls get all butt hurt and triggered, I’m not condoning violence here, I am trying to point out that when you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes.

What you keep pushing for ain’t gonna be on us, it’s on you.

Because we just wanted to be left alone.

27 thoughts on “Stirring Up Shit Generally Has Consequences

  1. Like somebody said- after it’s turned on, there’s no turning it off. I saw something about door to door forced vaccinations. Well…


  2. “A further advantage of this new perspective on life was a greater feeling of freedom over whether my contrary opinions about science or religion were going to irritate people and bring angry retaliation. I didn’t have to be afraid of losing my job. I didn’t have one anymore. I was not running for public office or trying to win a popularity contest. I was too old to care about human respect. Old men can be dangerous to society.” – Gene Logsdon, “One More Spring”, from the book “Gene Everlasting”

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  3. I think they going to have a small problem with old guys who want to be left alone.
    a whole lot of us old guys did time at uncle sam’s club for boys and still remember how to play.
    and we really don’t want to play anymore, we are tired. so, it would be in their best interest to
    let us be. we will be gone soon enough. but,,,, then again. there going out in style too.


  4. G. Gordon Liddy once told of a friend who has done many things that included violence as a means to an end. After he left that life he just wanted to be left alone some people didn’t understand that. Liddy said that when he would get this 1000 yard stare and started quoting Shakespear that was when the s**t was about to hit the fan.
    Many just don’t understand that they are tipping the s**t closer and closer to hitting the fan and when it does those of us that are tired of being told we have to like we are 2 years old will not be the ones that get hit by what the fan flings.


  5. All transmissions are two way.

    Always remember that there are some who still like to hunt.

    Young men who go along to get along, with the bullshit happening today…

    You are honor less.

    The old men you see and hear look and sound one way to you…but when you lay your head down to sleep…they are watching you breathe.


    Lighten up francis, you youngsters…some of you, have a lot to learn yet. Maybe get to know some of these old timers.


  6. The entire context of our Declaration, Bill of Rights, and Constitution alludes to having a govt, that leaves us the fuk alone,. Their job, as under the enumerated powers listed, is to do the stuff we as citizens do not have time for or are not qualified to do. Such as treaties with foreign nations, international trade, defense of the country aas a whole and states if/when an individual state is attached. The rest of it is up to us as individuals and unless we are interfering with another pursuit of their pursuits , their job is to leave us the hell alone and stay out of our lives, we can much=hk that up very well all by ourselves by mistake, we don’t need the goat’s help to fuk it up on purpose..


    • Too many new arrivals have no knowledge of our history, no understanding of our Declaration or Constitution, and none of our own youth are taught them in our government schools.

      The longer it goes on, the more the odds get stacked against us.

      King Solomon was told what to do when things like this happened: “If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves. . .”

      We need to stop our squabbling amongst ourselves and get on our faces before Him. Tempus fugit.


  7. As the Germans retreated near the end of the war they would leave the old and wounded up in buildings and church towers to act as a rear guard to slow down the advance of our GI’s. It was very effective and required bringing up tanks to blow off the tops.


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