There is a damn forklift sitting six feet away.

Take the load off the pallet jack, drive the forklift up to the back of the truck, slide the forks together and lift the forks up until they are even with the floor, directly behind the pallet jack. Pull back on the pallet jack to roll it out and slide it onto the forks then set it off to the side. Then use the damn forklift to pick the load up just enough to back up with it a little until the load is even with the end of the truck bed. Drive in and pick it up, back out and set the load down.

How fucking hard is that compared to cleaning up that giant mess and then having to explain why you are such a dumbass?

11 thoughts on “Dumbasses

  1. I went to the Coors brewery. They were making up truckloads of Keystone Light. The guy next to me wanted to yell: “NO ONE DRINKS THIS SHIT!!!”. But the glass was too thick for them to hear.

    I hope that they had piss water in the back too. You can trust me, if it is awkward or over 60lbs, Im probably the guy to go get the forklift, especially after I mangled by hand.


    • Spent quite a few summer Sundays on the short tour there in my younger days. Was working construction on the Jeff county jail and college girls were working the tap room for the summer. Tiny plaque at the end of the bar, was some old guy employe being honored. Good times and Coors light which I no longer drink.

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  2. I cannot understand what they were trying to accomplish with the jack. There is no dock or lift. I agree the guy in the brown parka looks like a manager or owner, not a regular dock worker. Expensive education.


  3. I unload trucks all day, there is so much wrong with everything there that I would hazard a guess that none of them are actual workers,


  4. I used your method to unload a new machine yesterday. I eased it back in the trailer with a chain hooked to a buddy’s forktruck. Worked it back by lifting, dragging, drivnig it, lifting, dragging until I could catch the lip of the trailer and drive it home on the forks. I need an offroad one at the house!!
    Experience only helps if you are paying attention.


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