3 thoughts on “The Downlow On The Upgrade

  1. looking at the trouble you and many others have had with chink lathes and the like, make me very glad i bought a old atlas lathe many years ago. there where a few small things to work on sure.
    but nothing like the mess those machines have. i think the worst problem i had was replacing the
    belts. but then again, i bought mine from a old tool and die guy. he watch me check out HIS LATHE
    before selling it to me. i ran a test bar with a dial indictor before i started talking money.
    he threw in a LOT OF TOOLING too. gave me a couple of books as well.
    a very neat guy in every sense of the word. use to talk with him once a week over the phone.
    he passed 4 years ago. i found out when i called and his wife answered and told me the bad news.
    she would have told me when, but he never wrote down my number and she didn’t know my
    last name- it was sad, he had a lot to say about the stupid going on today, he was a neat guy to
    talk too. i miss him. he was a vet too, did work on plane engines during the war, those big radials
    in b-17’s a real old style guy in every sense.

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  2. Yeah, doing Zombie work never pays off. I end up making more mistakes than it is worth.
    Looks good though.

    Whitehall, NY


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