I Swear I Thought It Was A Machinist’s Tool Box

When he first set it down I thought it was a Kennedy box.

Then it just started getting weird.

How much crap can you stuff in something that size?

Apparently more than I would have ever imagined.

13 thoughts on “I Swear I Thought It Was A Machinist’s Tool Box

  1. Yeah, Phil, you’ve posted pics of one of your camping trips before. Not an open fire or any dressed game in sight. Even your pal Cederq *claims to have caught some fish on a bush trip. *no photos to back it up but.


  2. That is totally Millennial, no one born ’46 to ’60 would even think of using such a contraption. Besides WTF do you do when that itty bitty propane can runs dry? Guy probably does not have matches or steel wool and a 9V battery, Vaseline or cotton balls on him. Amateur.with too much money.

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  3. Pretty slick, but the important question:
    How much does it weigh?
    If I can’t backpack it, fuggedaboutit!

    P.S. – that’s a butane bottle, they pack more energy in a similar volume. Spendy, though. I have TWO Korean Army portable stoves, and they are a joy to work with and backpack!


  4. Old school rules. ‘ve always said about most things (905) of the stuff above the basics, just cause it seems like a good idea, doesn’t’t necessarily make it so. Case in point : the tire is STILL round is it not???


  5. So? Who the fuck cares. Camp boxes and camp kitchens have been around for years. And you don’t have the damned people sitting around the cooker.

    Stupid dumbshit millenial bullshit.

    For fuck’s sake.

    First thing… There’s no windbreak around the stove, so it won’t heat up except on windless days. Even an old Coleman stove has some cheesy windbreaks that actually fucking work.

    Second… Where the fuck do you put everything once it’s all dirty? What the actual fuck? Nope.

    Third… It’s fine for midgets and skinny soyboys, but the table’s too low, the ‘chairs’ would serve better as lamp stands in a decent tent (you know, real height, with cots, maybe a wood stove or at least a canvas floorcloth.

    Fourth… Again, So? My dad made some boxes out of old aluminum ammo box stuff that worked perfectly fine as chairs, as camp kitchen boxes, as scaffolding holders, as just about anything, and they were… Modular. You could do just about anything with them.

    Not impressed. Like those picnic baskets that have a perfect slot for everything and it’s all lined in cloth. Whut? Fuck that shit.



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