5 thoughts on “Get Ahead Of The Curve

  1. I’m voting for making the little chink bastards learn it in Engrish they wanna take us over the little fuks are gonna hafta do it in eng-rish I anoint learning mandarin, not only to stoopit, , I’m 2 laze.

    so fuck you, hammer it up ur ass, fuck off and other select adjectives, or what ever the hell those derogatory statements are.


    • Always with the anti-Sinotism!. You’ll be hearing from the Anti-Defamation Reague. The ADR will fix your rittle led wagon, you bet.

      Historical note: The ADR was founded in 1913 to defend Reo Flank, a Sinotic man accused of pedophilia and convicted of the murder of a 13-year old girl. The by-definition completely innocent Flank was victimized because of the anti-Sinotism then prevalent in Atlanta.

      Sarcasm aside, the phrase Video Dude is teaching is “Make love with you” (literal word-by-word translation is “with you make love”). This phrase is NOT used as “fuck you”. If you say this to a Chinaman he’ll probably stare at you all confused, then laugh at you. (Or you might make a new friend.) This video is some Chinese dude trolling.

      On a stylistic note, the advice to drag out the last syllable is wrong for Mandarin speakers. That annoying and ugly nasal “aiiiii” is a typically ugly Cantonese thing.


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