One Down (Updated For Uncle Bubba)

I worked on this dirty bitch all fucking day yesterday.

I doesn’t look too horrible from a distance but it’s still all fucked up.

I neglected to take into account how much the far side has sagged when I set the post so to get the damn thing to close you have to jam the two halves together as you are swinging it closed.

This of course makes it a bitch to open.

Whatever, I’m a mechanic, not a carpenter and I figure I did OK just to get the damn thing up at all. The entire gate is basically rotten and I am not spending hundreds of bucks to fix something I don’t own.

If they don’t like what I did they can get their fucking checkbook out and start calling people.

I am sore as hell from wrestling that shit by myself and for some reason my hands are especially sore.

Like Arthritis sore.

I suppose at my age that is not something to be unexpected.

Anyway, that’s as good as it’s going to get from me, I have a shit ton of other things on my list and now I can continue with that.


Crazy Uncle Bubba stopped by and was wondering why I didn’t just take a Sawzall to the half that sags and trim it down to fit.

Trust me, that exact thought crossed my mind, until I looked a little closer.

The gate is screwed together with these steel brackets holding it all together.

That bottom picture illustrates why that half is sagging so much.

Way more trouble to cut that down than I am going to bother with.

I can get the bastard to open and close, everyone else can either figure it out or leave it alone.

5 thoughts on “One Down (Updated For Uncle Bubba)

  1. If you are taking suggestions I have a solution.
    Shorten one gate you don’t even have to take it down.
    A sawzall some screws presto gate closes then I would put a couple of diagonal braces to help keep them from sagging.
    But that’s just me.
    Or you could tell me to go away.
    Either way is OK the struggle session with the fence has been good.
    Almost as good as the Bronco.
    Projects are fun!


  2. as most assholes say in the bizz, “can’t see it from my porch” or some such shit.
    from what i have seen done by most of them, you did good. you wouldn’t believe the work i
    seen done by “pro’s ” around here, and if they not making a grand a day, they bitching like
    mad. i got a few years on ya, and a bit more fucked up parts. so take your time, don’t kill yourself
    it not like you going to get everything done anyway, got to leave something for the next day

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