We’re Gonna Need More RAID

I started to say just burn it down but after having to buy a Treated 4X4 and a 2X4 the other day it comes to my attention that replacing that shed would cost a small fortune these days.

3 thoughts on “We’re Gonna Need More RAID

  1. Bees are our insect friends, we can’t live without them, literally. If you’re allergic to their venom: carry an Epipen and deal with things like an adult. If you’re just scared of being stung: suck it up, buttercup. *Most Aussie native bees are stingless. Their dark honey is known as ‘sugarbag’ by the blacks, and is a welcome source of bush tucker.


  2. I just got my first bees about a month ago.
    Only been stung twice so far.
    *pro tip* Don’t play around with them while wearing a cut off shirt, shorts, and sandals.



    • Johnno is correct no bees we all die. Congrats RWT I have been thinking about it as a prep for something sweet. When I was a kid older brother had a hive. I remember the bees coming by mail, the delicious honey and the swarm and start over. Those swarm guys do not destroy the bees they can be reconstituted some how.


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