Apparently I Am Sitting On A Gold Mine Now

Jesus H Christ, have some inflation Phil!

I had to make a run up to the hardware store to get some bigger Wood Screws for the Gate From Hell project I am currently working on.

No big deal I figure.

So after searching around after I got there, I found a couple of little plastic boxes of pretty much what I was looking for.

Almost as an after thought, I remembered that I was having to dig through my pretty sparse collection of Metric Allen Head Bolts last night when I was working on my other little nightmare project, the Mini Lathe Extension.

Now would be the time to fill up some empty drawers I figured while I was already here.

Not too much, just a few of this and that to kind of make sure I had at least a couple of the sizes I seem to be running into, plus a few of the smaller Metric Set Screws they seem to be so fond of using.

So I put everything in the little plastic bags to kind of keep them separated and stumbled up to the check out line.

While I was picking these little fasteners out I was a bit shocked at some of the prices they were wanting for these things.

When the young lady told me what the total was I almost fell over.

That little selection of fasteners came to SIXTY DOLLARS!!!


This ONE little 6 mm bolt, with tax, was $1.63.

This Needle Dick Bug Fucker of a set screw was $0.36.

From what I keep seeing and hearing about the inflation supposedly coming our way, this is only going to get worse.

Makes me glad I have been buying this crap to have on hand over the last few years now.

I have at least 15 of those parts boxes with the little plastic drawers out there in the garage.

These Yellow ones are stacked two deep and there are a couple that aren’t in that picture so that would be at least 9 or ten of those alone so now that I think about it, I probably have 20 of the little parts holders out there by now.

There is also a 5 gallon bucket sitting out there with scads and scads of those little plastic bags in it, chock full of brand new fasteners of all different kinds.

I also have a bunch of the little kits you can buy with assortments of roll pins, snap rings,electrical fittings, key stock and all kinds of crap out there stashed away.

At the prices I am seeing here already, right now, I must be sitting on TWO or THREE THOUSAND dollars worth of stuff.


Probably more than that.

Much more.

I guess being a Pack Rat is finally going to pay off.

23 thoughts on “Apparently I Am Sitting On A Gold Mine Now

  1. I’ve had a habit for several years that when I need 1 of something for a project I buy 2 or 3 because if I needed 1 and didn’t have it, I’ll probably need another 1 or 2 at some point. I’ve also been analyzing what spare parts I need – filters, clamps, fasteners, fittings, gaskets, grommets, springs, etc., and especially the oddball parts “that never break.” If they never break then probably they’ll be hard to find when they do break because no one has any on hand because they don’t sell.

    I hate to think how much I have invested in that stuff, but I’m guessing it’s a lot less than what I’d be spending in the future on it.

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  2. So, Phil, you are gonna be the local screw pusher now, I can see you standing on the local corner with the back of your truck open and you selling dime bags of screws, nuts, bolts, and other assorted hardware. You’ll need some muscle, I think I can get egorr and me to provide that for you…for a cut of course. I need a raft of 7/16″ stuff lately.

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  3. It is painful but take a look at Amazon and Fleabay for small assortment tray compartment boxes of fasteners. Within the last 3 months I bought an assortment box of grub screws in metric and SAE for this very reason, I needed ONE bloody metric so small that no one carried it locally, not even ACE. Ended up paying under 20 bucks for each assortment if I recall. Now that they sit on the shelf, of course Murphy says that I will never need another one or have one fail in some device or another. They are likely Chinese, so I don’t expect good quality heat treated parts, but good enough for emergencies if locktite is added.

    My shop has this same methodology for VW fasteners of every type going back 30 years and if I don’t have an assortment of every other kind of screw and nail, they don’t make it.. All this because invariably when I NEED an item, the stores are closed, don’t have it or yours truly is holding the object with one hand and a foot while searching for the part needed..

    My kids are going to have to deal with it all when I kick the bucket, so no point in worrying much.

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    • You’re right about Murphy fucking with you. I had a VW Beetle that ate throttle cables. The next time I went to the dealer, I bought TWO.
      The second one was still in the glove box when I sold the car years later.

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  4. I’ve resorted to Amazon. Needed eight 3mm boltes, bought 250 – 3, 4, 5 mm. Transistors are just as bad. I needed just two for a project, and had to buy a box of 100 assorted. You have to remember that the hardware store has to make money on the little onesies and twosies they stock up for just you, Phil. They know you’ll be around eventually.

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    • What they charged me for a literal hand full of small bolts paid an hours wages for four of their employees. Three at a minimum.
      While I of all people can appreciate the overhead and the convenience of having them keep things on the shelves, highway robbery is still highway robbery.
      As much as I hate to do it, in the future I will be looking on line for this stuff and buying it in bulk.
      There will always be those times when I have to have it now and I will gladly pay the premium but for just keeping my own supplies stocked up I can’t afford that shit.


  5. Consider Tractor Supply – they have bulk bins. They don’t have the odd stuff, just “common sizes and threads,” but they do stock Grade 5 and Grade 8 hex bolts, a fair assortment of common metric, and they sell by the pound. They have some of the odd stuff in little plastic bags, but the bags are priced just as high as everyone else.

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  6. My old man worked at a aircraft company for a few years and I still have metal Tetley Tea cans full of machine screws, washers and bolts that were I guess no longer “needed” on the production line. It may be a little time consuming to sort thru ’em to find the right one but it brings back a lot of memories messing around the work bench with him.


  7. When we moved a couple years ago, with thirty years in the old place, I didn’t have a lot of time to sort stuff–it was just dump it in boxes and get it moved time. There’s probably one whole load worth that could be “throw away junk”, but as I said at the time “I’d hate like hell to have to BUY any of this crap again.”
    Two whole rollaway drawers are screws, nuts-n-bolts. It can take some time to dig when I want a particular item, but I can usually get close enough. And as said above, if I’m stumped and have to go to BobsBigBox for it, I try to buy the whole box.
    It brings to mind two more rules of life: 1. It’s not an empty nest until they get their stuff out of the attic. And 2. Never, NEVER throw something away until you check it out on Ebay.
    Although I hate garage sales with a passion, and never touch them, I can appreciate that the public at large has no way to grasp what hyper-inflation is doing in front of them. There are bargains to be had if we’re inclined to jump on them.


  8. I owned and auto repair shop until my back gave out. Got tired of hiring people only just to train them and go out and start their own shop so I worked it on my own till the end. I had a LOT (I mean a fuckload of hardware) and I still have a lot of it. Filled in the missing stuff over the years because l just can’t seem to keep my hands off cars and stuff.

    Forward to the new shop I built and moved everything from the garage to it and HOLY SHIT did I find all kinds of stuff tucked away in odd places. I would bet it is at least 1000 lbs.

    When I kick my stepson will hate me.

    Can’t seem to pass up a deal. A hardware store near me was closing down and all of their hardware was half off. A lot of the 100 lot boxes had been priced years ago. I bought way too much of that.

    Stepson is gonna hate me.

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  9. I have been acting like my depression era grampa for the last 2 or 3 years and have gotten better at saving and re-using.

    It will be necessary in the near future because yes Phil inflation and shrink flation has been active and growing for some time now.

    The way the fed prints money out of thin air has barely been whispered about but they all know whats going to happen. My gut says weimar/zimbabwe/venezuela bad.

    Aesop posted a good lesson on it recently. Nobody wants to be bearer of bad news because that is when the dominoes start to fall. I am getting to old for this shitshow.


  10. Couple weeks ago I was in the local CaseIH dealer (local meaning 98 miles away) and the parts guy showed me a simple round locking collar that fit around a 1 inch shaft. Price $267 dollars, without the locking set screws. An item you could get at the local hardware store for $2.59 & another $.59 each for the 3/8″ set screws. But it was nice & shiny……


  11. When I was fresh out of High School, I’d make an occasional trip to a couple of electronic salvage places. One was open air and everything was sold by the pound, bring your own tools and pay as you leave. The other was a store that some some refurbished items, and scrapped others for parts. One of my purchases there was a bundle of assorted nuts, bolts, and screws. All very small (some were as small as 1mm), and all well mixed. My Dad laughed when he saw it and asked why I wasted my money. A week or two after that, he needed a tiny screw for something and found it in the mix. It became part of his collection after that. Sadly, I have it back now albeit much diminished, but even after the intervening 50 or so years it still provides an occasional replacement screw.


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