Long After I Am Gone, Someone Will Be Cursing My Name

Just like I have been cursing the lazy, no good, dirty sonofabitch who planted that chintzy 4X4 gate post in the first place.

Like him , I don’t give a fuck.

I wasn’t happy with the job I did last month so I went back out there today and broke out all the concrete I poured, pulled the not so good 4X4 that I had put in the hole and started over.

I’m here to tell ya, that little job came damn near to kicking my ass.

I’m pretty much wiped out and my back is KILLING me..

First it was drill and break out the concrete just like last time.

After that I wound up digging the fucking hole for the new post deeper on my hands and knees with a damn pry bar.

While I was doing that I discovered why the lazy fucker who did it in the first place dug the hole so shallow.

Those came out of this hole.

That little square hole wound up being at least twice as big and a whole bunch deeper before I got done.

When I finally got done digging out that damn hole and tried to stand up, I couldn’t.

My lower back was screaming at me and both my feet were asleep.

It took a couple minutes before I could get all the way up off the ground.

After that I had to go to Lowes and find something to cover up the holes in the gutter drain I poked in it with the wrecking bar trying to dig it out originally. I got two of those rubber clamp on things but they are for PVC pipe and the gutter drain is Aluminum pipe. A little slice and dice and I got them fitted though.

This is the pile I have going for one stupid gate post.

Whether anyone likes it or not, I drilled and Lag Bolted a Treated 2X4 to the Treated 4X4 I paid too much for and stuck that in the hole.

Then it was dig out the wheel barrow and go unload two of these heavy fuckers out of the back of the truck.

That liked to kill me.

They weigh half as much as I do.

Then go wrestle the bastards and try to mix concrete in a plastic 5 gallon bucket, then pour that shit in the hole.

I wound up using one and a half bags of concrete to fill that hole.

I’m here to tell ya that that motherfucker is going to be around long after I’m dead.

That 120 lbs. of concrete is 20 inches deep.

What I dug out originally was about half that.

Because big rocks.

The next guy who has to fuck with this little job is going to be hating life.

Nothing personal mystery guy, I’m just paying that shit forward.

Now that that fun stuff is done, I have to basically rebuild the gate that was on the post. It’s all garbage too.

When I am done, 1/2 of the 2 piece gate is going to be pretty much new and hell for stout.

The owner can do whatever he wants with the rest of the crap.

If I am going to live here, I want a decent gate to use and 1/2 of that gate is 4 foot wide.

More than enough for my purposes.

15 thoughts on “Long After I Am Gone, Someone Will Be Cursing My Name

  1. Grumpy old Phil, after your teeth are fixed, I suggest that you ask around for your friends’ reccomendation of a good physiotherapist. Like other medical specialists, there are good and bad: the bad ones are called physioterrorists! It’s your clapped-out old body, but give chiropractors a miss. They may provide some relief, if they know what they are doing, but too many are butchers who hurt people in the long term.

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  2. At least you don’t have to worry about frost pushing that out of the ground. My brother’s pole barn is slowly working its way out of the ground. The siding was flush with the ‘crete, now it is a good 8 – 10 inches higher that it used to be. Such is the fun of the Great White North.

    Whitehall, NY

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  3. Digging in the ‘couve is more like moving rocks with some dirt stuck on them. Don’t bother digging a hole without a san angelo bar or just make it like 3 times wider so you can get all the rocks out. I dug out a cellar once and had enough rocks to make a reasonable rock wall for another part of the yard.

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    • Washougal is even worse.
      I had a two car garage built downtown, they had to take out a Red Cedar three to do it and then level the lot. That tree was a good two foot across at the butt. The asshole that did the work brought one of those little Track Hoes with a blade and a Thumb on it. When he tried to pull the stump out, we discovered that the tree had grown around a huge boulder,
      He had to cut the roots off the stump and load that and when he went to pick up the boulder it tipped the track hoe clear up on it’s tippy toes.
      He got it up in the air by stuffing the blade down and balancing the hoe on the very front of the tracks and then backed the truck up under it to load it.
      He pulled at least four tons of boulders out of that lot before he was done.
      The house had been built in the 30’s. I figure they heaved all the rocks they dug up for that over to that side and then hauled in dirt to cover them up and level it out.
      It was literally a boulder field.
      This whole area is a giant boulder field now that I think about it.


  4. You Sir Are Awesome! Giving that old post/hole hell is an inspiration (I mean that sincerely).
    I’ve dug out a few posts in my time and built them back better, so I know first hand your anguish.
    From all us old guys that still like seeing a good job done right, Thank You for doing this job right and for sharing your victory with us.
    And Congratulations on not letting it kick your ass.

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  5. Guy who redid the botched-up foundation of my house was making a parking spot for his vehicles over at his place. I was there talking with him when a neighbor stopped by, saw the depth of dirt removed and the amount of rebar waiting for the pour, and asked if he was planning to park tanks on it.


  6. I had to put up fences for the horses when we moved them to this farm several years ago, about 180 posts. I bought an auger for the Kubota tractor figuring it would be easy. Not. I live where the glaciers left lots of rubble (Central Mass), some boulders as big as houses.

    Digging was like the lottery – some holes were drilled to 5 feet in 15 seconds. There there were those huge boulders… I had to rent a jack hammer, didn’t work on a couple so I just cut the post short like you encountered. And I have to replace those short bastards every couple years. I’d need a second mortgage to buy the lumber now, given the ridiculous prices!

    I feel your pain, brother! I can still manually dig holes if I have to but my 65 year old back bitches. Ibuprofen and a nap is what usually helps, I avoid Doctors as they get kickbacks for every pill they push.


  7. Stop buying the 80 lb bags. Instead buy the 40 lb bags of sacrete. It doesn’t require mixing, just dig the hole, set the post vertically and pour in the sacrete dry to the level desired and slowly add about a gallon of water. It’ll set hard in 30 minutes and ready for loads in 24 hours.

    This past year I set 75 8’ x 5” diameter fence posts using this method without any help. I use a power auger running off the pto of my tractor. I’m 68 and have no disks in the lumbar.

    It’s doable but work smart not hard.

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