11 thoughts on “Well Hello There

    • Phil didn’t ask. Besides, I don’t have photos like that, I ain’t got no hips. My photos would be me with my 9mm, my AR 15 and my fishes. And me with my smokin hot husband.


  1. Readers here, with more resources than I, may be able to provide her name and location. I just want to ask if she has a redheaded sister, or a cousin.


  2. G’day Sandy, if you’d consent to Phil posting your pic of choice, you could be the first of Phil’s Girls With Guns new section. Just beware though, those old lechers Cederq and Deathray may be drooling over their keyboards. You’d need a slobber firewall programme in your ‘pooter!


    • Lol!
      Respect Phil to much to start such nonsense.

      Girls with guns! Love that.

      And isn’t that the point to get old lechers to drool!? Although I don’t think anyone will drool over me.

      Always been fascinated with Australia, except that whole no gun thing you got going on.


      • Miss Sandy, um, re drooling over you: you obviously havn’t been reading Cederq’s* and Deathray’s* posts to closely, despite your “Bless your heart!” wishes. *a.k.a. Heckle & Jeckyl.


  3. Sandy, despite the game of having to jump hurdles to get a licence in the first place, then supply a ‘genuine’ reason for acquiring each gun (I used to claim: “target shooting, hunting, gun collecting and any lawful purpose”), there are now more registered guns in private hands than before the confiscations and gun-crushing. Apart from Queensland and the Northern Territory, the other states had registration, so people found it hard to hide their guns: NEVER REGISTER YOUR GUNS, it is merely delayed confiscation. Of course, most Aussies having distrust of gubmint in their DNA, there is a bottomless pool of unregistered gear, despite the equivalent of the SD and Gestapo ferreting them out.


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