Stubborn? Moi?


After I got up, woke up and cleaned up this morning, I had to head over and get my entire mouth mapped out with Xrays at the dentist.

Followed shortly afterwards by the usual hysterically ridiculous cost estimates to fix all the shit that’s fucked up.

What few teeth I still have left ain’t in good shape but I already knew that.

That last asshole I went to quoted me $24,000 to fix my teeth.

I laughed right in his face for his trouble.

While I was laughing I managed to say, dude, that’s a down payment on a house, you must be out of your mind.

Anyway, we parted company after that appointment, no use getting his hopes up that I was going to pay for that new sailboat he was wanting.

The one I have been going to now is an Indian lady named Sipu or some shit like that. Nice lady, I like her.

She is still way out there with her cost estimates but has the sense to approach it a little here and a little there. She still insists that I wouldn’t like a mouth full of dentures because I keep telling her to just pull all the rotten sonsabitches and let’s be done with this.

So, more appointments, more pain, the last two molars I have left on the bottom have now had their execution date set.

“Oh we can save that one that the humongous filling fell out of three months ago…

Pull it and be done.

3 bridges, root canals, crowns, it’s the same old shit in a prettier package.


After I got out of there I swung into the Home Depot on the other end of the parking lot and picked up a new treated 4X4, a treated 2X4, some Lag Screws and two bags of concrete.

Yes, that project is coming back.

When I got home and got done explaining all that dentistry shit to The Wifely Unit, I sat down here for a couple of minutes to get caught up when all of a sudden the power went off.

I knew it was windy outside but didn’t think it was that bad. A couple minutes later it came back on and I was just going to get up and head out to the garage, when it went off again.

This time it stayed off.

I went and got out the battery powered lamp so people could see in the bathroom when they closed the door and then pondered my next move.

While I was at the dentist, my little ball bearings got delivered, a day early and I was going to go start in on the head stock for the mini lathe. The power going out put a temporary halt to that.

Because Fuck You, That’s Why, I went and dug out another lantern and went out in the garage anyway.

That’s right, sanding the head stock casting by hand, in the lantern light.

Naw, I’m not stubborn at all.

Thankfully I only had to do that for about a half hour before the lights came back on. I dug out the palm sander then and went to town.

I’m thinking all that thick red paint inside the casting might have had something to do with those bearings being in there so tight. Ya think?

I just got back from a run to get something to eat and while I was out I stopped and got another spray can of paint stripper then went over to Harbor Freight and picked up 5 of these little lanterns the currently have on sale for $3.99 each.

Basically a cheap Knock Off of the ones everyone else is wanting $12 to $15 apiece for.

Hey, all I give a shit about is that they work when I need some light.

14 thoughts on “Stubborn? Moi?

  1. I use votive candles in the restroom, leaving them lit athe time during power outages. Sometimes, no time to mess with lighting before pulling down pants.


  2. A couplmplant on a brokena years ago, a local dentist wanred me to pay $2300 for single broken tooth. I just had it pulled for 1/10th of the cost. Just a frickin’ tooth


  3. Sometime when I read you shit, I laugh my ass off, because its a been there, done that, must be our generation. FYI, you can eat most anything without fucking teeth, except nuts, gotta grind them and corn on the cob, get a knife.


  4. well, healthcare has fucked us for so long they will not stop now. saw signs of it back in the mid
    1990’s. you know after the bitch care crap. that is when the yahoo’s running the shop found out they can not only fuck over us but the guys doing the job too. how else can you explain how the ceo of say, blue shit can make 5=10 mil per year ? or why all the little doc shops are gone ?
    simple. the fuckers we pay for insurance keep our money. most hospitals have a ARMY of billers.
    i know more than a few doc and dentists who have gone under because big blue refused to pay
    for ANYTHING ! small guys just don’t have a chance dealing with the “big boys” or any hope of getting paid for anything. asked where my 401k went ? medical bills that big blue didn’t pay. need a chest x-ray ? cost you 2-300 bucks easy, doc to read it, about 100. what they pay the doc doing the work ? about 3-6 bucks if he lucky. over 90% of the money goes to the clowns who “manage”
    the show, but not doing any real work or having any risk. yes healthcare has come a long way.
    remove the ceo’s and a whole of other clowns who suck the system dry and the price of everything
    will drop by over 50 %. at least. one other thing, ask how many times the workers had to explain
    the job the the clowns who are in charge of it ? most of them have a degree in whatever,but
    have no clue what you do everyday.

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  5. If health insurance was really about health CARE and improving quality of life, then dental, eye, and hearing would be 100% covered from birth.
    What you see an MD for is generally to fix something that is already broken because one of those three things is deficient.
    Keep those three parts of your body healthy and you are going to be happier and healthier and won’t need an MD as often.


  6. My body, My choice, right? How come it doesn’t work that way at the dentist? Every molar in my mouth had one or more fillings, the result of 18 years in the Army. Regular appointmants were mandatory then. Army dentists are young and inexperienced. Only one way to change that: practice! Every trip to the dentist meant at least one new filling. By the tiime it was all over, my molars were little enamel cups full of metal. After I retired, I tried to get a dentist to pull the bad teeth and make a partial, but they just wanted to “$ave” one tooth at a time, with root canals and crowns. I finally found one who would do it, had all the uppers pulled, except for six in the front. Had a partial plate made, that clipped to the front teeth, and have been a happy camper ever since. It all cost about the same as one root canal and crown.


  7. Mr knuckles,
    Your dental work will be 1/2 the cost in Mexico.
    Safe, Quality work.
    Plan a vacation, get your teeth worked on ……………


    • Lol!
      I have my very serious doubts that even if they let me get on a plane in the first place that they wouldn’t let me back in the country at this point.


  8. Those HF cob LED lanterns put off a respectable amount of light. Got us (my daughter) through hurricane Sally last year like a champ.


  9. They teach revenue generation in the dental schools. Pulling teeth makes no money that’s why they won’t or try not to do it.


  10. health insurance is about making money- NOT PROVIDING CARE. or making payments to those
    who do said care. it’s simple really, the less they pay out, the more they keep.
    big blue might pay 10 to 20 cents on the dollar to the doc’s at best.
    between that, and lawyers trying to sue for anything. only fools are willing to take the risk these
    days. and every low life walking in looks at them as a lottery prize to win-lawsuits.
    and people wonder why it costs so much ? take a look at the ob field these days- like 10 % of
    what it once was, because of lawsuits. i don’t know, maybe taking drugs you whole life might have
    something to do with your kid being fucked up ? I seen too many crack kids with more lines in them
    than you can believe that weigh under 4 pounds to count. yet something wrong with the kid-they sue and win the lottery in court. knew a doc who quit after his insurance went over 20 % of his paycheck- was not worth it. and he was a great one too. the younger ones with a half mil or
    worse hanging over them, i feel sorry for them.


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