Just Buy A Tank And Be Done With It

This has loser written all over it.

If you are that scared of maybe getting a scratch on your precious little Jeep then just go buy something with armor plating.

11 thoughts on “Just Buy A Tank And Be Done With It

  1. Clodd on ‘Down2Mob’ acquired a 2021 Jeep Gladiator.

    Used as designed, the wheels broke.
    Used as designed, the frame needs modifications.
    Used as designed, the front axle broke in two.

    A pair of new Atlas Dana 60 axles — us$17,000.
    I suggested he might be better served with a Tatra or M.A.N. truck.


  2. Fuck that. I could have a pair of custom made axles built for a fraction of that price. I’m telling you, people are just fucking stupid anymore.


  3. Initially I thought he must live in Portland or Seattle. Definitely would be better off if all that pipe work was aluminum. That 4×4 is a give away that something isn’t right.


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