Ya Gotta Love It

I ordered some bearings for the head stock on my Mini Lathe four days ago.

The 2 bigger spindle bearings had to come all the way from friggin’ England.

At the same time I ordered a sleeve of 10 those little dinky bearings, like skateboard wheel bearings, from some outfit in California.

I live 20 minutes from Portland Oregon.

I’ll give you one guess as to which ones showed up first.

The little ones aren’t due to get here until Friday.

Gotta love it.

Actually, this worked out better than I expected.

I found out yesterday that because of Memorial Day, I don’t have to work Sunday night.

My normally scheduled days off are Thurs, Fri and Saturday.

That means I have four days in a row off starting tomorrow.

There is a long overdue Dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon but other than that, as far as I know, for once I don’t have a bunch of things that need doing for other people piled up.

It’s not like I don’t have scads and scads of things that need doing, it’s just that as of right now, I can do them as I feel like it.

The best part is that this rain we have been having is supposed to stop and it’s supposed to get clear up to 80 freakin’ degrees around here by Sunday.

If the Good Lord is willing and the Creek don’t rise, I may just be able to get this head stock knocked out and put on the new lathe bed. I also got the new front support bracket/bushing for the lead screw yesterday.

My fingers are crossed that nothing else comes up.

2 thoughts on “Ya Gotta Love It

  1. Don’t have time to look, but did you not have a post on car repairs not that long ago about speaking to early when things started off well???



  2. Oh, you jinxed yourself now by saying what ya did… sure as brown shit a relative will find out you have an extra day and will want to snag your ass. As for the dentist I have a set of nice Klein pliers, every thing from small bent nose to honking big assed radiator pliers that can strip and crush a hose…


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