26 thoughts on “Soon, Mr. Death Ray

    • Uh Cederq, is he that much of a racist, that he won’t be dinner for black or brown bears, just white ones? I’m suspecting that eating of a different kind is going on, that he found he had to pay a visit to his ‘old bint’ of a librarian lady, after Sandy gave him another stir.


              • I just knew that would get a rise and a raging hard on for that comment! At my advanced age of 62 I do have my moments of CRS (Oldhimers)… I have MS and the doc changed the dosing of my Copaxone from 20mg IM1Xday to 40mg IMX3week and I have a little confusion at times until I get use to the increase and being a diabetic on an Insulin pump with U500 Humilin R there might be some contraindication that it interacts. The doc also wants me to try Fingolimod, but that means camping out in his office for 6 hours to monitor my BP… so excuse my lapse. I could make it up to you, buy you those 6″ stileto heels with seamed nylons, you have to have the garter belt though…


                  • Real, U500 is a 5X concentrated Insulin and Copaxone 40mg IM is the only MS IM injection I can tolerate without pucking my guts up or get the shakes… Why would someone BS about that? If you want to take them for me I would gladly hand them over…


    • I’ve been there, too. As far as 73 degrees North (I called Alaskans and Canadians for “Southerners”). It’s friggin’ hard having 24 hours of daylight. It really messes with your sleep. There are no curtains that can keep out the Arctic sun. You wake up at odd hours and have absolutely no idea if it’s night or day. There is no reason to keep a normal day/night routine, except for work – some southerner will expect you to be near the phone at certain hours during the day. If not for that, you’d simply get work done when it suited you. Eat and sleep when you felt like it. Time had no real meaning.
      And it gets quite hot, because the sun shines non stop for 4 months. There are practically no clouds. It does not rain. The heat just radiates from the rocks. You walk around wishing for the tiniest gust of wind, and when it finally does come, it’s like walking into a freezer. Crazy shit.
      24 hours of darkness, on the other hand, is pure bliss.


  1. Now that the snow and ice are gone and it’s not 45 below, gets a little busy real quick.
    I still check in daily and even get a chuckle now and then. I’ve put more miles on my truck in the last two weeks than in the last six months.

    Madman, it’s true that we have a few months of almost constant daylight, that 24 hours of darkness only applies to a portion of the state above the artic circle. I’m a few hundred miles below that and even the shortest day of the year still have about 4-5 hours of daylight. I do have to take the snow machine up in the mountains to see the sun though. It’s there, but not high enough to clear the hills .

    Johno, I’m pretty much color blind so no racism here. I just pretty much don’t like anyone.

    As for Sandy, the last thing I remember her posting was something about wearing 3 inch heals. I must admit that I found that intriguing.

    Cederq, my man. I see that you’re posting on all the regular places. You still make me laugh.
    How’s SD treating you?

    Phil, good luck with your dentist appointment and thanks again for being you and keeping us amused with the blog. Haven’t had much time to do much music surfing but I’m listening to some of the stuff you sent me. Did see a really good gal singing over at Irish’s site recently.


    • SD is SD, been raining and thunderbumping and lightening afternoon, you can spend a whole week here in one afternoon. I have decided to try out Arkansas for awhile, see if the rednecks down there make good lawnmower gas. Hmm, 3″ heels? I too find that intriguing and nylons with the seam… But those need at least 6″ heels to really shape and define a woman’s leg. Are you reading this Sandy?


      • Cederq, you’re heading for Arkansas? Just like a dog looking for his buried bone for another chew, you can’t leave old Hillary alone! Wait till Sandy finds out about her competition.


    • Deathray-

      You say you pretty much don’t like anyone as do I.

      However, if I cook you up some venison stew or some medium rare Canadian goose breast will you accept me into your circle of friends


  2. I believe I said 3 1/2” heels. Max I wore was 4” heels, otherwise my male investment colleagues would not have taken me seriously. Not to mention unprofessional in an office setting.

    If you already have shapely, defined legs you don’t need 6” hooker heels for help. Husband doesn’t call me gams for no reason.

    And rednecks make everything well.


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