12 thoughts on “Of Course It’s Renewable

  1. You wouldn’t want to be close, look at all that shrapnel! Reason #1 to take them all down, is because of this type of disintegration, bird kills and gnarly fires they produce.


    • To say nothing of the recyclable components like the fiberglass blades, made from glasss strands (non-recyclable) stuck together with resins made from oil derivatives (non-recyclable) and motor components circuit boards made with non-recyclable silicone and other circuitboards parts along with the rare earth materials. I’m voting tor going back to using wood chip created gas for infernal confusion engines like the Germas perfected back in Well.


  2. My wealthy liberal neighbor to the north forked out north of $50 grand back in the Obama years for a huge wind tower on his estate right on the state highway . I’m sure the tax rebates were rolling in for a few years . That is until one of those wild Ohio thunder domes rolled in and wrecked the internals of that huge Chinko gen-set in the sky . It’s been frozen now since 2012 . It warms my heart to see it rusting as I drive by .

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    • I love that story.
      Stupid bastards.
      I bet he soiled himself twice.
      Once when he got the repair estimate and again when he got the tear down and disposal estimates.


  3. This shit is everywhere here. I cannot be convinced that they will makeup for the energy expenditure in just the foundation, much less the device itself. This is a false economy just like people that invested in the bullshit ostrich egg crap in the late 80s. Weak minded fucks.


    • It is. Its all about the money. Our money they tax credit to our electric utilities so the CEO can authorize the campaign contribution and continue to collect his golden parachute.


  4. If they believed their CO2 BS story, they’d be building Thorium/Molten salt reactors all over the place. 100% safe.

    5 minutes


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