6 thoughts on “I Laughed Out Loud!

  1. I just answer “yes” and walk off. Well, I was. For Polio. When I was eight. I remind anyone pressing further that they have already violated HIPAA.


      • Actually egorr, HIPAA doesn’t apply to you per se, it applies to health care providers and third party insurers (including Dot GOV insurers) and some second tier health care providers and that is why you sign a release of information when you may see a specialist or transfer your medical records. Some one asking you on the street or a cop or public health official or a store employee you can tell them to get bent and BFYTW and you do not have to reveal any health information. If a person asks you on the street ya just tell none of your damn business, but I do like asking them about anal and if they are wearing panties…


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