THAT Would Leave A Mark

What in the hell that set up is I have no clue.

Looks like an AR 15 with a grenade launcher on it.

16 thoughts on “THAT Would Leave A Mark

  1. That is likely what they call a “non-lethal projectile”.

    There is nothing new under the sun. (Ecc. 1:9). A couple of decades ago we used to watch a show called “Future Weapons”. They did several episodes covering non-lethal weapons.
    The Israelis (those racist, Nazi, warmongers /s) lead the way in developing non-lethal weapons.

    The Israelis do NOT want to kill Palestinians, non-combatants, or anyone that is NOT their target. A “target” is someone who has tried to kill Israelis. And Palestinians and Arabs in general are NOT trying to kill Israelis. Most of them just want to live peaceful, productive lives. It is Hamas, Hezbollah, et al that are trying to kill Israelis.

    Sorry for the “lecture”.


  2. Those will launch short cans, 12 oz-ers, and tall-boys. Also spray paint cans, WD40 cans, Brake Klean cans….. All kinds of “exciting” things.

    Great fun to get one of them, and a couple buddies with shotguns. See who can hit a flying can, it’s not easy.

    Don’t use the spray paint with the little stupid rubber plug in the bottom, trust me…

    F5 manufacturing makes one that is less expensive than X-products, also comes with a golf ball launcher


  3. Buy the shorty 7.5 oz. soda cans.


    Replace contents with resin. Then apply catalyst. Allow to harden overnight.

    Launch at appropriate targets.

    Get back to me on how “non-lethal” it is at that point.

    Asking for a friend.


  4. Great fun. You can’t help but laugh when you launch something. And yes, it would thoroughly knock the piss out of a person out to a hundred yards! It’s about 2-5/8″ I.D. so any common 12 oz. cans fit, plus some gator-aid bottles. My next “test & evaluation” is going to be with some gravel in an empty can for the “grape-shot” effect!


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