That Look Is Getting More Common Every Day Now

A perfect example of “What in the actual fuck are you doing?” followed closely by the “Oh My God I raised an idiot” look.

18 thoughts on “That Look Is Getting More Common Every Day Now

  1. He’s trying to push start it. But staged or not, his generation is actually that stupid. Just consider the bullshit coming from ourestemed leaders and peers. Yeah, that are that stupid….


  2. I am reminded of the great Jackie Gleason “son, when we get home I’m gonna pop yo momma in the mouth because there is no way you came from my loins”…heh


  3. that boy should remove himself from the gene pool. but then again. there are thousands that
    are dumber than that. when we get knocked back to the stone age, there will be a huge die off.
    as most of the kids now do not have enough sense to get out of the rain.
    just think of all the morons staring at their cell phone all day, they will be the first ones to go,,
    still you have to give to the old guy for not busting out laughing at him. or maybe ask him if he put the right gas mix in it ? it is a not a good sign of things to come.


  4. Wanna watch a real circus? Pull the plug for 3 days. Pretty much anyone under 30 will lose their mind and most living in urban/suburban paradise won’t know how to handle it. I like having lights when I flip the switch, don’t get me wrong, but I sure don’t require that convenience to live comfortably. It’s gonna take us obsolete guys to get things running again when the infrastructure of cards we rely on collapses. Pass the knowledge on.


    • Trouble is, none of them I have run across want to learn.
      Like you said.
      Either they have their nose in their phone or they are playing shoot ’em up video games.
      There are going to be a couple of generations worth of people that are going to be learning some harsh life lessons here in the near future.


  5. My cousin couldn’t sharpen a chainsaw chain and after about five minutes of watching him try to cut a 4″ tree and gaining nothing, we advised him to shut it off and just rub it back and forth and save gas since he would accomplish the same amount of cut.


  6. Young people do stupid stuff. They’re kids. Most will get smarter with age. Gullible old boomers, like yourself, who believe crazy conspiracy theories are more worrisome.


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