I Gotta Remember This One

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many times I have screwed this up.

“When hanging something with two hooks, use painters tape to get exact markings, and a level on the wall. Hammer in your nails, and peel away the tape!”

13 thoughts on “I Gotta Remember This One

  1. Could have used this, oh, say, since the beginning of time.
    Worst of all…why the fuck didn’t anyone else think of this?
    How many grandfathers taught their kids, who taught their kids?
    I could have been using my grandfathers out of level Miller’s Falls Cherry level and done a better job than what I’ve been doing all my life had someone taught me that.
    That I’ve been using that level for way too many projects over the years anyway, should say something about how much I value family traditions. Or how accepting of my failures I’ve become.


  2. Another use: When drilling into sheetrock take a piece of tape and stick one edge against the wall and crease it lengthwise. The dust will fall onto the tape and not on the floor getting all over the place.


  3. Just make you wonder why you did not think of this half a century ago (oh yeah, painters low stick tape did not exist). Great tip. I used to set a woodworkers compass (two sharp points instead of a pencil on one leg) and it is close but not perfect as the holes pressed in are always at an angle.


  4. Much simp[ler method without all the high tech wizardry Try using a clear plastic hose of any size with water in it.. as long as it’s long enough to reach one side to the other, its gonna be level, even ifn you can’t make water run uphill..Maybe it’s just ur eyeholes are installed crooked…


  5. I hate hanging shit. Drapes, pictures, blinds. When we moved into new house, I told wife cut out pieces of newspaper size of pics and she could move where ever she wanted with tape. When happy, call me. Didn’t clear all the smoke out of the teepee, but it helped.


  6. I use a laser level for such tasks. Works great. Also used the laser level to tape off and paint my sons room black and white (horizontally), with freehand integral and derivative functions scattered about. He loved it.


      • Phil-

        First I would like to say i absolutely adore you Phil , respect you, and appreciate everything you write. I come here to broaden my knowledge and love everything you write.

        Secondly, I want you to know I commented and then replied half asleep and absolutely exhausted after multiple critical care nursings shifts. Not an excuse, just saying.

        Thirdly, I acquiesced to you too soon following your beat down (beat me down anytime, I love it!).

        Please let me elaborate on the laser level usage.

        Strick a line using a laser level. Then measure distance between the two
        hooks. Transpose to the house laser line and mark on struck line.

        Works for me, but there’s more than one way that skin a cat.

        Love and appreciate you Phil !!!


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