LOL! Apparently I Have Achieved “That Guy” Status

As in That Guy you call to ask what the hell is this thing?

My Cousin just sent me a text with a picture of an obviously very old wooden handle with some hardware attached to it and wanted to know if I knew what it was for.

After I blew the picture up to get a better look because it was so small, I had it immediately.

I texted him back, he went and checked and I was right.

The handle in question,

And the answer is, it’s a handle for one of the antique cross cut saws my Aunt has hanging up in her garage.

As soon as he went and looked he texted me back and said yep, one of them is missing a handle.

I replied, pretty good eh?

He said he was impressed.

Of course what this really means is that I am an old fart now but hey, whatever.

11 thoughts on “LOL! Apparently I Have Achieved “That Guy” Status

  1. I was having breakfast with a friend before hitting the Northrop computer
    and electronics swap meet. A guy pulls into the parking lot in a Studebaker
    Avante and he asked, “what the hell is that?” Having a good memory is
    part of my story but that car is still stylish and the R-3 had the land speed
    record for a production car.


  2. Perhaps an official ‘Ask Uncle Phil’ or ‘WotDaFuq?’ section is warranted, connected to the Paypal icon? Obviously your missus isn’t keeping you busy enough.


  3. Congrats, Phil! I’m an old retired logger and I couldn’t have told you what it was.
    You are one fart smell… Smart Feller!


  4. Ok, you made me get up and go to the garage and check, it is a handle for a 2 man crosscut saw. I bought mine years ago at a garage sale to hang on the wall as a decoration. My son used it to cut down a tree for a friend.


  5. I missed my opportunity to buy one a couple a years ago. Dammit. Have my grand fathers skinning knife made by his brother with aluminum handles below the tang. Was told it was made from cross cut blade. When sharp it will shave arm hairs.


  6. When I was a kid my little brother and I would spend our summers at Grandpas hunting camp up in Northern Michigan where we would cut firewood with his old two man crosscut saw. You only pull by the way, never push. To me it was worth it because when we weren’t cutting wood I got to spend time running around in the woods and fields with my .22 single shot. When it was getting close to school starting we’d go back to Texas and everyone else had been sitting around watching TV all summer because it was so fucking hot. And that’s how a crosscut saw handle triggers a rant.

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  7. when we was kids we’d joke about the old people smell . . . . . so yeah, old farts whose noses & taste buds quit 5 years ago. or as my uncle yousta say; you ol flatulent you!


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