Bustedus Domesticus

Let’s see, so far today I have made one dump run, one run to the recycling center which was actually a twofer and just now got done cleaning out the fucking gutters.

Oh yeah, I also threw a quick coat of paint on one of the plastic covers for the Mini Lather first, so it could dry while I was doing this other shit.

The Wifely Unit informed me the gutters needed cleaning the other day when it rained and the one on the back of the house overflowed from one end to the other.

Since that one tree died sometime last year I haven’t had to clean that one out every damn month so it was definitely due.

There is however, another tree back there that has now earned my enmity.

It went seed crazy last month. These little helicopter things.

MEEEELIONS of the damn things.

I’m not even joking.

They covered our roof and yard, the neighbors roof and yard, the sidewalks all the way around the house and covered the street completely in a cone shaped pattern sixty feet long.


All from one tree.

So I drug out the ladder and the hose, a bucket and some rubber gloves and started in.

The damn things were over an inch thick in all the gutters, all the way around the house.

Two full 5 gallon buckets worth and that isn’t counting all the ones I flushed down the down spouts after I got things mostly unplugged.

But it’s done and it really didn’t take all that long.

And just as the way my luck rolls?

The Kid just walked in the door as I type, right after I got done. Exactly like he did the other day, right after I got done mowing the lawn.

Somebody up there is just laughing their ass off right about now.

But now that the chores are done I can go trip over some shit in the garage for a while and see about getting something done.

Whoo Hoo!

20 thoughts on “Bustedus Domesticus

  1. Got little sympathy – here I am in a campground called… Maple Rise. Millions of small Maple leaves, trillions of Box Elder bugs, which can get through ANY small crack – we are having a running battle to keep them out of the RV. I can hardly wait for the crickets in August. Joy.

    We are barely keeping up with grass and weed cutting, it’s rained quite a bit (mostly weekends, har har) and everything is screaming out and up. The grass had quadruped in height for the last two weeks, the weeds are even MORE energetically growing taller than the grass.
    Not too many campers, but the schedule shows the last week of June as absolutely frenetic!
    I’m getting really, REALLY sick of weedeating, DR Trimmer-ing, and of course the Zero-Turn mower keeps throwing deck belts. Broke two already. The belts were spendy (about $70 EACH) until we found out the right place to buy them ($28) but are still a PITA to re-thread. Takes two people.

    Ah, the Glamping Life of a Camp Host! At least I have a Starlink node, with 433Mbps down and 50 Mbps up. Ain’t technology wunnerful??


    • You win hands down!
      Yeah, no thank you with all that BS. Especially the bugs. The Wifely Unit has declared a Jihad on those damn Box Elder critters around here. There are cans of RAID within arms reach everywhere around here and they are the reason why I have to keep the yard debris hauled off constantly. She is on my ass boy if I don’t. She is constantly muttering about you aren’t procreating in MY yard you miserable little bastards. It’s freaking hilarious. 😆
      I feel for you, equipment repairs on top of everything else!


    • It could be worse egorr, you could also be herding cats, chickens and toddlers… as well as doing all your camp host duties. Can’t you get a couple of young buck missionaries up there to do most of the heavy stuff?

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    • The Wifely Unit would squash that idea like one of her hated Box Elder bugs.
      What is it they say, Non Starter?
      Trust me, the thought has crossed my mind several times.


      • Phil- Talk to your wife about the gutter guards. I’m sure you are worth more to your wife alive than dead from falling from a ladder cleaning gutters. Or worse yet, falling from a ladder and becoming an invalid. Then she would have to feed you, change your diaper and turn you every two hours. Not to mention no more dick, perish the thought!

        Women really aren’t that hard to reason with.

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  2. When I had to clean gutters, I got on the roof (one story) with a power blower. Nothing cleans em faster or easier. Stuff is on the ground then but that’s easier to deal with.

    But yea, we have a maple in the backyard and not every year but every x number of years, the thing looks like it’s having multiple orgasms. Literally rains those things down.


  3. My answer to leaf-cluttered gutters is to cut down the offending tree(s), but the Wifey Unit won’t let me. She wants it Made In The Shade, I guess.


  4. Point of interest perhaps?
    The Soviets used the floating Sycamore seed as their basis for developing the PFM-1 Anti Infantry High Explosive Cluster Mine, which they littered Afghanistan with, way back… Consequently, in very much the same way, the US military developed and used the Blue 43-B & 44-B Dragon Tooth Cluster Mine in Vietnam.

    Nature provides a brilliant blueprint for so many defensive weapons. Yours Aye Exbootneck

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  5. Yep, we have those same maple trees with the seed helicopters all over the yard. Cleaning the gutters is the least of it. Every one of those seeds that do not get sucked up by the bagger mower tries to root and grow a new maple. They are a pain to remove if you don’t catch them early, the tap root I swear grows a foot a week. And watch your flower beds too, Would consider buying a giant yard vacuum if they were not so damned expensive.


  6. Yep had two old maples in the backyard of my last house and those damn things germinate quickly. The shade from them on my house and utility bill prevented me from removing them.

    They make tube extensions for blowers to clean gutters with. Never found a gutter cover that did not eventually create more problem than help.


  7. Transplanted a maple from my mom’s in Upstate NY to Interior Alaska when I moved here about 25 years ago. It took but it’s not much bigger than a #2 pencil, even after all this time.


  8. Phil,

    I recommend “Amerimax Gutter Guards” which I found at Lowes but I bet Home Depot has them too. They are 3 feet long and snap in. They slide up under the shingles and then snap onto the outer edge of the gutter. Only problem is that the u-shaped edge that snaps onto gutter doesn’t handle the small sections where there’s a gutter nail/screw. Easy fix is to snip out a 1/2-inch part of the U-shaped connector edge every place where there’s a gutter nail/screw. In the short term a little time consuming to install (fit, mark where gutter nails are, remove, snip off plastic of U-connector edge, refit) but definitely a time saver in the long run by not having to clean your gutters so often (still have shingle dust and dirt but almost nothing stops that). The best part is that each 3-foot section is about $1.30 (at least it was a few years ago when I bought a box 30 at Lowes for about $40) That’s gutter guards for 33 cents a foot! Here’s a link to them at Amazon so you can see what they look like:


    P.S. Thanks for blogging. I’ve been following you for about a year now and it’s on my daily read list.


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