And Darwin Smiled

“2 idiots standing near “the claw” used to remove radioactive debris from reactor 4 Chernobyl. The claw is one of the most radioactive things on earth”

22 thoughts on “And Darwin Smiled

    • I wonder if we pooled our money if we could find some brave soul with a long range heavy lift helicopter that we could pay to pick it up and drop it off in front of the Capitol Building?

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      • The premise of the story is pure bullshit, the claw is not that hot.
        There is a slag heap of fuel that has gone critical that can deliver
        a fatal dose in an instant in the reactor core but beyond that, things
        aren’t that bad. Sure about 35 firefighters got cooked, but outside
        the buildings, flora and fauna are thriving. Most news services
        and popular culture scares the shit out of the people by exaggerating
        the dangers of radionuclides but the heap in Chernobyl is not
        boring through the earth to China and the radiation released
        into the Pacific Ocean after the Fukushima event is being
        harmlessly diluted and will never be a threat to humans.

        I’ll never turn down a prime lemon-herb Halibut dinner over fear
        that I might ingest a tiny fraction of radiation above background
        levels. Look up the word Hormesis.


    • Knowing what I know of radiation and radioactivity, I imagine they received a LIFETIME dose (5 rems/rads) in the 5 minutes they were here.
      Ignorance can get you just as killed as stupidity. The combination is deadly. Literally.

      Yes, I know whereof I speak. I once spent 4 MINUTES in the Hanford N-reactor, installing a piece of gear. I was wearing a lead suit. I received the YEARLY allowed dose in that small amount of time… and i was sweating bullets.

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        • Part of the job… I was constantly working on stuff that would blow you up, crush you, cut you in pieces, or do major bodily harm. And that was just ONE of the fun jobs I had when I was younger (relatively). The last 11 years of my career was in a nice, safe, quiet, high stress job telling major corporations and governments all over the world that their networks were crap.


      • According to the article I linked, the reporter took a grab sample with his geiger counter and got just under 40 microsieverts/hour. That’s about 4 millirad,


        • 40 microSievert/hour? Not too bad. I get 20-40 µSv at work on a normal day just from being near patients. I work with Positron Emission Tomography scanners.
          We make our own radioactive tracers, and they come out of the lab in the 3 – 36 GigaBequerel range. That’s pretty hot. You can handle it by hand, but you best be quick about it.


  1. There’s a documentary on Chernobyl that I haven’t watched yet, but says that if the other 3 reactors would have gone it would be a world ending event. Not sure that’s true but is an attention getter.


  2. they used to say god look out for drunks and irishmen, ( i am part irish myself and done more than my fair share of dumb shit in my time) a lot older now-less dumb shit done. anyway,,,
    i keep hoping a giant sinkhole will open where dc is. was hoping for term limits to come, but that
    will never happen. or maybe a flaming mass of space junk would hit, but them i had hopes for the
    bird flu too and that did nothing. so,like daddy use to say, stables wouldn’t clean themselves boy.
    it will be up to us to clean up this mess. and no help is coming either.


  3. Report a week or so ago, that the elephant foot or whatever they call that lump of slag has been showing increased levels of gamma radiation. There was speculation that some parts of the reactor core are increasing in activity, and if it got to a certain point, could start the reaction all over again. Hype? No idea, but not something I would want to ignore if I was going to live past 65. I’m not, so fuck’em.
    Those are now the perfect girlfriends for your stereotypical millennial. No matter how hard you’ll try, those baby making parts are only going to pop out already retarded democrats for the rest of their lives….but I repeat myself.


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