Probably Went For Half A Mil Too

I don’t know about anyone else but as of late I have been watching real estate go for jaw dropping prices as fast as it hits the market, everywhere.

Out of control bidding wars, places going for far beyond the original asking prices and local populations being priced out of the market completely by Out Of State refugees rolling in money.

It is beyond insane.

As the old saying goes though, what can’t continue, won’t.

While the Residential Market is in a massive bubble, the same kind of fuckery that brought us The Great Recession that started in 2008 and still persists in some forms to this day, has been quietly bubbling away in the Commercial Real Estate markets (you should go read this).

There be Big Trouble coming from this in the not too distant future.

The real problem with that is because everything else is currently in a bubble, The Everything Bubble, when that one pops it’s likely to crater the entire world economy.

When I say crater, I’m talking this,

The Perfect Storm is brewing and the MSM is keeping a very tight lid on it’s progress.

I don’t have a clue what to do about it either.

Everything is fucked and nothing is safe. Precious metals are heavily controlled, they have historically been a last refuge to store wealth safely but the markets are as manipulated as a High School girl’s tits the first time she lets some horny kid get a hold of them.

They are also very much over priced right at the moment.

This was very recently pointed out unmistakably when the Geeks at Reddit went after the physical Silver market and the response was very eye opening.

I wouldn’t trust a bank any farther than I could pick one up and throw it so what the hell is a guy supposed to do?

Sit back and watch it burn I guess.

At least I won’t be alone.

16 thoughts on “Probably Went For Half A Mil Too

      • Cash is still the way to go. The government is dealing in cash and they will keep that pony running in order to pay the military.
        When Nixon took us off gold he kicked the door open and it hasn’t closed since. That’s why the demotrash don’t give a shit about debt.
        As long as they can get other governments to go along with the “full faith and credit” scam, money is whatever they want it to be.
        Doesn’t make any sense but that means it is probably what’s happening.


  1. In the ant and the grasshopper story the Ant’s DON’T Brag about what they have, they just keep on quietly working to be even more prepared for a long cold winter. ALL of the Grahams Killhouse Rules apply but #5 Mostly, ALWAYS BE WORKING . There is always something you can be doing to improve your position. Always. Because nobody is coming to save you.

    As history and recent history in Mexico, the former USSR, the British “Empire” when the Pound Sterling LOST it’s world Reserve Currency Status and so on show that the “Value” of money is mostly a Myth.

    For a short time while folks THINK that the Soviet Ruble was worth something folks could still trade it for food and gasoline. Then suddenly it was more valued as tinder for the fireplace. Widows that THOUGHT themselves well off with their Pension had to choose between a little heat or food. Later worse. Same with the “Mighty” US Dollar.

    Cash is a depreciating asset, gold and silver until you can pay your taxes and buy stuff in Walmart is a Store of Value IF you can find someone rich enough to trade goods for it AND not just kill you for it.

    Trusted friends, useful skills that you and your friends share, FOOD, FOOD, FOOD, ability to repair your home when trouble strikes (broken windows, leaky roofs, screens destroyed (Hate biting bugs eh? I do), water collection, storage and purification.

    When the grid goes down by or random acts of violence over Media driven divisions-hate or EMP the big die off will occur.

    Bad times coming, I wonder if the future is Hunger Games for the “Elites” or Soylent Green of a Tech Surveillance Nightmare as they keep the power grid up for CONTROL. Or an EMP and the quiet of the graveyard.


    • I completely agree with the scenario you have put forth. The Chinese will slither in and sweep up the remnants. Can see them nuking pockets of population but they’ll want to keep fallout away from farmlands. They know the US dollar is worthless, so they’ll take our land. It’s all we have left. As far as money goes, think storable commodities like warm clothes, cheap gloves and foot wear. Walmart wino shoes will be a barterable item. Bullets and seeds will be the currency of the future.


  2. Don’t pay attention to the price of precious metals in fiat currency. Think instead what they will be worth when $$’s are as valuable as toilet paper, because you won’t be using them before then.
    The “dollar” price is a scam. Prices are constantly manipulated to keep fiat currencies solvent.
    And you need to keep precious metals with you physically, not in the ether.


  3. Yep yep and yep. Inflation has been here for awhile and growing. Funny how the media is just now reporting on it. Hyperinflation, probably coming that will be the beginning of the end.

    Yamamoto said America cannot be attacked because behind every blade of grass. China’s xi(she) may or may not be that smart but I personally am overseeding my yard and letting it grow more than normal as I expect millions of others doing as well. Luckily we have millions of fodder to get the enemy exposed for the rest of us. That will help correct the gene pool. Yes, don’t forget your seeds. Stay safe, pray long and hard and where’s Billy Graham when you need him.


  4. Interestingly, firearm magazines are still about the same price as they ever were. Load up now while they’re still legal. Once the ban-hammer drops, those suckers will skyrocket in value. You can still buy a a case of Magpul gen 5.56 30-round mags for ~$13.00/mag. Not bad.

    Aside: not sure PMs are over priced right now, either. Silver is $40/ounce delivered, but I doubt that’s going down anytime soon – “spot price” be damned.

    If you really want to buy a house, wait 6-8 months for the market to implode, then pounce on one of the short-sales/repossessions.
    Don’t miss this one – it could be epic.


  5. Investment firms are buying up entire subdivisions in Texas and turning them into rental properties so they can create revenue streams. The average home buyer cannot compete in this market. This, combined with Biden’s “infrastructure” plan banning single family home zoning is the end of personal home ownership in the FUSA. Home ownership is one of the main sources of personal net worth and you can kiss it goodbye. This is a deliberate plan between corporations and government to impoverish the people.


  6. Been following ssociateds’ blogs quite awhile and been laying in stocks as I’ve been able (on the 7th placed a new set of mud’n snows in my storage – new rubber all round on her Ladyship’s rig) garden’s all in. Went to a friend’s this past week picked up a holster for a revolver I now have to carry working in the garden as I laid it in way closer to the creek on the rear (south) property line. Had a box of both ratshot (snakes at the creek) priced at the time according to the stickers at $4.32/12 with the other box being Stingers at $6.99/50 – got in the good times I reckon. Far as .22 goes I should be set for awhile and I’m “tolerably” okay in the other few calibers in general use in these parts speaking of which, outlook is better’n some I’m sad to say I’m aware of.

    I noted Phil you put in your observations, “… and the MSM is keeping a lid on.”

    In email with friends I’d said much the same but then a pal of mine who, up to then pretty much agreed suggested “Well, maybe it’s getting to such a point that even the powers are seeing it to be stupid to ignore” and he sent along this included link:

    As y’all can Friends – stay outta cities. *Personal climate prediction – probably gonna be a long hot summer.

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  7. “What can’t continue won’t” is spot on! I know nothing about the real estate
    market but even I saw the train wreck coming. A buddy of mine was making
    good money selling sub-prime mortgages and I remember telling him that
    the artificially inflated home values would eventually cause a market crash.
    It started with the community reinvestment act, signed into law by Carter and
    greatly expanded by Blow-Job Billy. Jamal and Jose were having problems
    qualifying for home loans, so it had to be “racism!”

    It was a government-sponsored Ponzi scheme from the beginning. The
    citizens of the inner-cities were encouraged to buy a home make a few
    months worth of payments and flip it for a profit. pResident Ubangi was
    a junior lawyer for Acorn and specialized in the scam. Welfare mothers
    were taking out half-million-dollar home loans. A school bus driver in
    Chicago qualified for an 800,000 mortgage. Like all Ponzi schemes,
    those late to the game got dry fucked with a 40 grit condom.

    In San Franfagshow, once modest middle-class homes are selling for
    3 million-plus because the entire county is a development-free zone.
    The latest thing (refugees fleeing high tax states) is also a result
    of government policy. Inflation does not occur in a free market!


  8. Y’all have probably heard me say, again and again, “Make sure you have your TWO YEARS of food storage”. Well, here we are! Going to be a long, hard, crashing two years. The balloon is going to go up pretty soon, especially since ALL the signs are negative and the crisis in goods and commodities is happening NOW!!


  9. In the very beginning of the trainwreck ,my smart friend says cash will be king. Barter will follow suit, tobacco whiskey, toilet paper, hygiene stuff, Aaand metals, including lead,,


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