It’s Like Eating An Elephant

One bite at a time.

I got close,

This is how thin the little Harbor Freight band saw will cut.

It took about an hour and it still has the original blade on it that it came with.

I have been wanting a hunk of Rail Road Track to use as a an Anvil Shaped Object for years now.

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not an anvil and never will be.

It’s still gotta be better than the Cast Iron POS I bought at Harbor Freight a couple of years ago.


So anyway, like I said, I have been wanting a hunk for a long time.

Trouble is, people want stupid money for them and I ain’t paying stupid money for one.

This piece here I got for free but it’s extra special to me.

It was my late Uncles.

I would like to give a big shout out to my Cousin and my Aunt for letting me have it.

My Cousin is a cool dude, more like a Brother than a Cousin.

He even keeps up with me by reading this blog.

Thanks man, you made my day.

13 thoughts on “It’s Like Eating An Elephant

  1. Before I retired, I was walking through the scrap yard for the discarded rail components at a local industrial facility. I found a really nice 12″ piece of 130# rail for my wife, who always wanted a piece of railroad steel. She was thrilled, which some might find strange, but I don’t. At least I found some before I would never have the opportunity again.


  2. Nice job, Phil. The horizontal band saw should have been the first power tool I bought for my shop. Those things can be set up to run really close tolerances. I was blanking 1/4” rounds off a 3” blank and getting around .003” drift. There was a yahoo group that was all about the 6” harbor freight horizontal band saw and what it could do.


  3. When I worked Industrial Construction, I had to set 90# rails into the floor for a huge autoclave oven. All I had was a Milwaukee Portaband. Needless to say, I didn’t have quite as nice of cuts. I did have about 20 lbs of 7018, so it wasn’t too much of a problem.
    I have used a rail section for a improvised anvil. It works, but not near as well as a a real one. Problem is, you have people buying them up by the dozens for pennies on the dollar, then flipping them for retail. Driving the price up, because only a few individuals are in possession of them. Another quandary of a subset of tools that have a “collector” value. Some of us would put them to actual use, not as decoration in some posers “man-cave”.

    Whitehall, NY

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    • That’s the whole point of why I do this shit.
      “Collectible” or not, I fix these tools to use them.
      That’s why I normally don’t bother making them all pretty by painting them back to original colors and all that happy horse shit.
      I don’t give a shit what color it is and RUST is a color as far as I’m concerned, I just want them to work right.


    • +1 for the Milwaukee Portaband. Very useful tool, get the “deep cut” version, them of you who decide you “need” one.


  4. I’ve got a 500lb or so anvil that I inherited from my grandfather.
    Figuring that a square foot of tool steel weighs 500lbs or so, the damn thing may weigh more.
    It’s big.
    Gotta use my tractor to move it around.
    Gave my dad a chunk of rail that I had in “trade” when he dropped said anvil off at my place.
    P.S. it’s illegal or something to have chunks of rail.


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  5. When I was a young man I worked in the Rail Mill at US.Steel Gary Works. Until they exported the American steel industry to China. I might have had a hand in the manufacture of your piece of rail.

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  6. I made a nice one out of rail with only a cutting torch and flexpad on a right angle grinder. Just have to make sure torch tip is clean, especially the cutting jet. Used to make my own rivet bucking bars, as well. ( I hate to say- I can make a cutting torch kiss my ass. OK… my hat’s going back in my hand. )

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  7. Been using a 14 inch piece for years. Can’t afford the anvil I want. They make fairly good flat bottom boat anchors as well.


    • I’ll take it but I have to be at work by 3 PM tomorrow.
      Email me . Use the “Contact” field at the top of the blog and I’ll get back to you.


  8. I figure someone doesn’t know that track is slightly radioactive and if the scrapyard you use scans loads ,it’s going to cause some degree of discomfort if you have a chunk of that you’re throwing out.
    It’s something I heard, have not asked about it at the recycle place.
    Anyone who knows for sure, I’m all eyeballs.


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