Electrical/Machinist Bleg For A Fellow Tinkerer Who Just Got A Harrison Mill Over In Jolly Olde.

I stumbled across Ralfy a little over a month ago and just get the biggest kick out of this guy.

He is a hoot.

He customizes motorcycles in a shop somewhere over in England from what I have gathered and he does some nice work.

He recently picked up an older Harrison Mill that he is trying to get going and needs some help.

He got the spindle to work and the power feed will come on and turn for the table but it only goes one way. He has to disconnect the wiring and move them to get it to come back. I’m sure it’s something rather simple but I don’t have time to get into it, I have to go to work. I was hoping maybe some of you guys can head over to his Youtube channel and give him some help.

If you can, good on ya and thanks. Tell him Busted sent ya.

10 thoughts on “Electrical/Machinist Bleg For A Fellow Tinkerer Who Just Got A Harrison Mill Over In Jolly Olde.

  1. Tough to tell from the vid, but it sort of looks like one direction is all it has. This is purely from looking at the wires and control panel.
    If the cross feed motor is three phase; it would be possible to go from the control panel and into a drum switch, then to the motor. The travel limit switches would be unaffected. That is how I would do it.

    Whitehall, NY

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  2. The two pushbutton switches are a dead giveaway. It is using a reversing
    contactor, like those found on automatic gates. The old mechanical drum-
    type break before make switches are probably not available outside
    electrical surplus stores.

    look for a bad coil or bad contact points.


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