I Have A Couple Of Questions For These “Woke” Morons Who Are Currently Purging Anyone Even Remotely Right Of Bernie Sanders From Our Military

Do you think that all of these now former professionally trained soldiers are going to forget what you taught them?

By thinning the ranks of our National Defense Forces in a politically driven purge, do you somehow think that you are going to wind up with the very best and brightest when it comes to meeting the needs of this country in a time of crisis?

Do you not think that by ostracizing these Patriotic Americans that maybe, just maybe, that you have now created your own worst nightmare if it comes down to trying to enforce this Political Witch Hunt paradigm shift you are so on board with when these brain dead politicians push too far and it’s your ass on the line to protect them from us?

Because I’m here to tell you that I don’t think some of you have thought this clever little plan out to even the second generation effects that can and will be resulting from your desire to curry favor in a temporary and very illegitimate Presidential administration.

That alone makes you unfit to lead anyone, anywhere.

35 thoughts on “I Have A Couple Of Questions For These “Woke” Morons Who Are Currently Purging Anyone Even Remotely Right Of Bernie Sanders From Our Military

  1. Yes, they ARE that clever, in their own minds. To the people behind this, we are not even human beings, just animals in the shape of humans. There is a lot of terminology for this, “Deplorables” is one such term. Why is this done? Waaal, persons who are not totally psychopathic have a little difficulty destroying other humans without provocation. So you either dehumanize (“other”) your victims by calling them Deplorables, or whatever, or you transform yourself (ritually/psychologically) into a superhuman predator whose legitimate prey is human beings.

    Also, many of the people behind this don’t even think of themselves as Americans. They are “citizens of the world” or they identify with some other ethnic or ethnoreligious group. Or they just want to see the world burn. Either road, they look forward to weakening the US. It’s a goal for them.

    Also also, to the people behind this, military men are interchangeable drones. They’re merely dumb, trigger-pulling myrmidons who will salute and do what they are told. They’ll put more thought into who is their waiter at dinner than who is keeping them safe. A Kansas Baptist with a 109 IQ and strong Christian ethics is no different to them than a Sunni fellow from Mali with a 79 IQ. Just muscle, the both of them. After all, everyone knows that smart people don’t go into the service. Smart people become hedge fund managers, or journalists, or non-STEM professors, or they work for nice lefty nonprofits, you know, things actual human beings do.

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    • “Myrmidons” I have not heard that word in a long time. You could say the Nazi were myrmidons, in the context of “I was doing my job” Not fearsome Ancient Greek warriors. I am sure that phrase is going to be bantered a lot come the next Nuremberg trials that will commence when we ferret out and utterly destroy this leftist plague.


    • Nice sermon Mike C! You sure didn’t learn that gobbledygook in a STEM class.

      A Kansas Baptist with an IQ of 109 is a Black Swan and should be captured and studied. And a Sunni guy from Mali with an IQ of 79? Shit man, did you even read your first paragraph or did you just plagiarize from Stormfront?

      Veterans have been joining domestic terrorist organizations for a long time. From the Klan and Aryan Nations of old to modern versions like the Oath Keepers and Three Percenters. Think Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols to the active and ex-military arrested in the capitol insurrection on 1/6. Those traitors actually believed they could overturn an election. Certainly not our best and brightest. Probably not a triple digit IQ among them.


  2. Even BIGGERER Issue bro: They’re throwing out the -exact- group that they should be deathly afraid of. Guys like all the 18 Series. (That’s Special Forces, BTW)…The yay-hoos currently running the show think that SF is a group of Neanderthal-Rambo Hardcore Supercommando gunslingers who go and blow up everyone and everything. Thanks to Rambo itself and all the retarded hollyweird misconceptions, what SF really is is a force multiplier

    Reality is that an “A” Team, or ODA (Operational Detachment, Alpha) team does is goes in and does both ‘hearts and minds’ as well as trains the locals to overthrow their DotGov via sabotage, direct action and assassination among ‘other’ fun filled games and prizes.

    Yes, SF does do some high-speed lo-drag stuff, but most of the ‘commando’ stuff is left to Rangers which is 11 series, Infantry (my old job, jes’ sayin’) for the most part, leastways in the Ranger Batt(s).

    The stupidest thing that they’ve done is take people, who’s primary mission in the military is to teach people how to overthrow their government. Guys who train people in how to make C4 ‘from common household cleansers’ (ain’t hard, ask me how I know… Pineland 1994 hooah?) and teach small squad tactics well enough that the locals go from ‘untrained’ targets to ‘trained irregular guerilla fighters’.

    Keep going retards, you’re sowing the seeds of your own destruction.


    • Take people that is, and throw them out of the US DotMil Re-reading it, I see I missed that from paragraph#3… I get so pissed off about the whole scene man… ugh….


    • >Guys like all the 18 Series.

      Yeah, that’s why in Bracken’s third “Enemies” novel the SF guys were kept on at full pay, but stuck in Ft Campbell with nothing to do.

      I dunno if it’s hopeful or disheartening that the people currently calling the shots are dumber than a bunch of fictional villains. But then the highest levels of the government and influence are full of highly credentialed, high-IQ retards, too many of whom are (as someone might have put it) incapable of introspection.


    • Its a feature not a bug. They secretly are growing the civilian forces so that tells me they did not think it through which is normal as they are now realizing the kung flu story line is also failing. Never the less they will double down on something else as they never give up short of the end.


  3. A couple years ago I was chatting with a former SEAL & just the things he was able to talk about would make it -ridiculously- easy to completely shut down the infrastructure of an entire city.


  4. I personally think this is what they want. Communist active measures starting 1960 mislabeled as hippie, liberal, and now progressive. The democrats Never do anything in America’s favor. Not since they killed JFK.


    • How do you want it, hard and fast, or slow and deep? Either way its coming. Giving them what they want at least allows you to have some control in how things unfold. Take it to them, go on the offense.

      I think they do want it. But if we wait, if we allow more time for them to establish themselves in every facet of life, it is that much more difficult to rid them.

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  5. I tell people that it’s about to get ugly when you see big iron private jets heading for the southern hemisphere. Ask monkeywerks.


  6. Keep in mind that everything the socialist does is on the way to something else. F’rinstance, in this case, purging creates a void. That void does at least two things; reduction of size of ‘ready’ enlistees and officer corps, and provides training for the ‘other side’. RE: the ‘other side; imagine the training and hardware which will now funnel to the Pantifags, et al.

    These are just off the top of my head. Certainly there are other motives in play. Overall, everything the socialist does is on the way to something else. Even if that thing done today is a failure in itself, it paves the way for the next thing(s) to come. Even if purging the ranks is seen as a catastrophe, it ‘softens’ the perception that what follows is ‘wrong’.

    I think it a misunderstanding of the motives of the socialist to use metrics such as ‘efficiency’, ‘longlasting’, and such. Their overall intent is as a wave to sweep over the whole of society, in ever facet. It is not much of a concern of this or that program has staying power. Every little thing – whether large or small on the efficiency scale – moves further towards the overarching goal.

    Think of what Solzhenitsyn said about burning in the camps. It is to our peril to watch for the big balloon to go up. Whereas the socialist creeps ever more toward the objective. Was Solzhenitsyn waiting and watching for a large, undeniable event by which everyone would then know, Now it the time to act!

    That large scale even is not going to come, at least not for a while. Meanwhile, before that event occurs, the one everyone is watching for, all the pieces are being put in place.


  7. You eliminate the soldier who is patriotic that will defend the constitution and refuse an illegal order. In there place is a Woke, identity confused individual with training to kill that sees blurred lines with lawful orders.

    Sounds like they are creating goon squads without morals to trample citizens rights.


  8. If you folks read up on a lot of the scuttlebutt out of certain military bases in U.S., you will also find that a good number of the gangs are sending “clean” members to join the armed forces to get “real training” which they can then apply back in the hood. A lot of officers and DI’s loath these “recruits” because they bring the hood attitude with em and can be spotted fairly quickly, only they cannot be booted unless they break a lot of regs. given the diminishing number of volunteers due to the crap going on. It is a downward spiral.

    This is nothing new. A good number of the Mexican drug cartels hire former SF and military at 10 times the wage they earned in the service. This has been going on for years, including places like Colombia, Guatemala and El Salvador.

    Let em keep running the good dedicated patriots out of the service and the guard. Going to be real interesting if anything ever goes hot CONUS.


  9. Hittler did a wonderful ( for him ) false flag that persuaded Stalin that all his officers were traitors a year or so before he invaded , Stalin murdered all but Juckhov , put all his politically correct idiots in control, Hittlers army steamrolled them , you have to look beyond the drivel and wonder who is controlling these idiots , Russia ? I doubt it , China ? Yup their plan all along , communists want world domination always have always will and cultivate useful idiots to do their bidding .


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  11. The commies in power do NOT want a military capable of projecting power, protecting America and most importantly being capable of opposing their masters in Beijing. To the commies in the District Of Criminality the ONLY purpose for the “military” is to keep the sheeple in line and and productive.


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