26 thoughts on “They Should Call It The Penis Plant

  1. Should have called the Johno plant… one comment and you have a severe migraine headache for nine months. Kinda like listening to your wife during pregnancy.


  2. Sandy, I’ve never had kidney problems, one part of me that still works well: ask my poor bladder. Kidney stones are often portrayed jokingly in movies and comedy TV, though from the pain I’ve seen people in, I don’t think it’d be fun for either sex. You’d know better than I, but the urethra has a much closer fit when passing stones the natural way, compared to a woman’s birth canal and baby during birth. I mean, despite much pain for most women during childbirth, at least that is the way things are designed to function, even if much harder coming out than going in!


  3. Cederq & Deathray, bad news, fellas: our arsehole PM Morrison says that no Yanks are allowed across the border until next year, you being such renowned plague carriers. So, you two won’t be able to start your southern hemisphere winter jobs at the private fag beach as life, after all. You probably aren’t too sad about it, but the gayboys must be, them so keen and looking forward to be getting the kiss-of-life from two hunky Yanks!


  4. Sandy, yup, that’s just how all the trouble starts for girls! Hey, you’re a lot more fun when you’re scaring Deathray, I think you need a bit more vodka in your drink.


  5. Phil, the stinging plant and giant stinging tree are of the same genus and are widespread in Qld. subtropical rainforests. Neither are a joke, and have hospitalised many a careless bushwalker. All parts of the plant are toxic, but the hairs on the top surface of the leaf is the worst problem, tiny hollow tubes of silica, they lodge in your skin for months, sometimes 2 years. Any exposure to water leaches more toxin through the tiny ‘glass’ tubes, into your nerves each time. It was my intent to guide Cederq on a hike into pristine World Heritage rainforest, hoping he’d be caught short, and suggest he go behind ‘that big tree with good-sized leaves’. You’d have heard the screams in the northern hemisphere!


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