Remember The Kid In The Bubble?

Someone should explain Aerodynamics to the dumb bitch.

That mobile wall creates a low pressure area INSIDE the box as it moves across the flat surface and is sucking the crap up off the floor and mixing it around in her little safe space.

But hey Karen, you do you, right?

The levels of absolute retardery I see on a daily basis is just mind boggling.

13 thoughts on “Remember The Kid In The Bubble?

  1. She’s not really moving fast enough to create much of a pressure differential, Phil.

    Now, the level of stupidity is massive…


  2. I haven’t had access to any television since 2019.
    I spent this past Saturday evening in a B&B, so being there was a television I turned it on.
    The thing was on a channel called TV land.
    It was playing a commercial about going to Walgreens to get the jab.
    Then there was one for some synthetic plant based something that looks and tastes just like chicken.
    Now I know why all you people are all f#%ked up‼️


  3. Shouldn’t that tent be six feet on a side so she can maintain social distancing?

    Definitely a liberal, probably a professor of Anthropogenic Cis-Gendered Disorder Studies or some such bullshit.


  4. Not aerodynamics but fluid dynamics. She ain’t trying to fly but is a slow speed (<3mph) rectangular volume transversing through a fluid field. Simple plate flow perpendicular to the field of flow will experience a transition from stagnant air on the surface of the turbulent flow. This usually takes some speed but the real area to examine is the plate floor interface. The gap is behaving like and infinite slit venturi. High pressure low velocity fluid in front of the gap with higher velocity lower pressure behind the gap. This will cause eddy currents to form and mix/swirl the fluid field. How far this mix/swirl extends is dependent on the velocity of the fluid and the Reynolds number. This is also going on to a lesser extend around her head at the top.



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