4 thoughts on “Cool! Free Stuff!

  1. Reminds me of about 1980 when I was behind a truck carrying rolls of insulation. Half his load came free and covered the highway. I hit at couple. The cop next to me did too – great timing! Boy was he pissed at the driver – the two lane highway was closed. I had a pickup at the time, cop said the highway needed cleaning and to take what I wanted. I scored enough to almost completely insulate my garage (Massachusetts gets cold!)


  2. In the ’90s, on a late Sunday afternoon when I was heading back to the woods to go to work for the week, I was heading up the hill from the North Fork of the American River on a Forest Service road near Iowa Hill, CA when I almost got nailed by two guys in a pickup without a tailgate. When I got up the road a bit, in the middle of a switchback laying in the middle of the road was a carpenter’s belt full of tools. I stopped and threw it in my truck. There was probably a couple of hundred bucks worth of tools in the really nice leather belt and pouches.

    In my mind I hoped that the clown that almost hit me showed up at work the next day half hung over before he realized his tools were gone and he finally started to wonder what happened to them.
    I figured it was a fair trade, considering that the guy had almost run into me on a road that he had no business driving as fast as he was on. Screw him.

    See how I am?


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