Arbeit macht frei!

Speaking of such things, I have to go to work early today.

They have an inspection on a machine this week and we have to tear it down and clean everything up first.

Short handed.

It’s going to be a looooooong week.

8 thoughts on “Arbeit macht frei!

  1. A long week is money in the bank!
    With this inflation that’s not such a great thing but it’s better than not enough money.

    Now if you were putting the money into a land/house payment inflation would not be the problem it is when you put it in the bank…


  2. G’day Phil, I note from your pal Herr Unfuck’s site that he expects a verdict in his case against the mask Nazis this May 26. Good luck to him!


  3. Phil, as you insist on pissing and moaning about your work schedule (which is fine, it’s your blog and this is not a complaint), if I don’t have 3 months of work done in the next 5 weeks, the GC gets back billed at a mere 500,000 per day until the C. O. is issued. Just wanted to let you know, others are right there with you in your misery. CHEERS buddy.


  4. I’m working on one aspect of an interesting and pretty damn important project. My boss called me and said they were thinking about naming an overall IT Manager for the project. I said that sounded like a great idea but if the gave me the assignment I would call the retirement desk that day. I don’t mind work but as far as I am concerned the stressful leadership positions can go to younger people who are still trying to build careers. I’m done with all that crap. I want to do my work, turn it in, and do the next thing.


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