10 thoughts on ““I’m Tired Of Being Lectured About Caring For Others By People Who Wish Me Dead In The Same Sentence”

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  2. And from the younger generation on top of it all. In short – You worry about you and I’ll worry about me, and if you don’t like it. Go fuck yourself you camel riding goat fucking pedophile…


  3. My bottom line on this topic …

    ANYONE comes near me & mine with this vaccine or even the test fucking dies right there on the spot., and I ain’t fucking around.

    And for the idiots of all age groups who have taken it and flapping their mouths about me & mine being a threat to them…. your damn right I’m a threat to you…. but not in the way you think.

    WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS or it will be the last world you ever speak.


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