This Is A Level Of Stupid My Mind Cannot Comprehend

I suppose I should be kind of impressed that the moron even got that far with it.

Still, on a scale of 1 to 10 for Stupid Things To Do Even Though You Should Know Better, that’s a 12 right there..

19 thoughts on “This Is A Level Of Stupid My Mind Cannot Comprehend

  1. In his defense, it was probably dry when he parked there, but you know the old saying…
    “Time and tides wait for no dumbasses” or something like that…..

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  2. I have so many questions. I can think of so many points in this process that someone could have stopped and thought this was a bad idea. Thanks for a great Friday post!!


  3. My guess. He thought he would be cool and camp on the beach then proceeded to park at low tide so double moron.


  4. I always wonder how someone with an IQ that low can afford a rig that nice. Either this person lives in debt or this is the same phenomena that let someone buy a 1 of 375 McLaren P1 over in Dallas a few years ago for $1.3 million and then drive into a wall the next day. I knew one guy that had an expensive 4WD SUV and he drove it around on the street with the front and rear differentials locked because he thought it would give him more traction. The dealership had to replace the whole drive train and did not cover it with warranty. The mind boggles.


    • Old “Wizard of ID” cartoon:
      They say “A fool and his money are soon parted. But I’m wondering how the fool got his money in the first place.”

      I have no idea what the things in that picture cost, but I’m guessing easily north of $150k is about to go for a float.


    • Ahh, that is why the top of the vehicle has the small white box, for a snorkel to let fresh air inside. Brilliant deduction, sir.



  5. As is often said – Genius has it’s limits – Stupidity has no limits. How the hell did this idiot even dress himself in the morning? Undoubtedly a product of the school system of California or district of cartoonistan…..


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