LMAO, I Wonder How You Say I Don’t Give A Shit In Chinese?

Quality control?

What quality control?

Holy fucking shit.

Hoo boy.

So I was trying to get the carriage lock that I made for the old bed to fit in the new bed.

As you can plainly see, there were some issues there.

I couldn’t even get it started in the hole at first.

Since it’s not really a critical fit, I got tired of messing with it and just took it over to the belt sander and started grinding the edges down until it would fit into the opening.

After I finally got it started, it slid in until I got to the first cross brace casting and butted up against another glob of flashing so then I had to take it out, flip the bed over and attack it with the rotary tool with a small grinding wheel on it to knock that down flush.

Little by little I messed with it until I could pretty much get it to slide all the way through.

Then the real fun started..

I fought that little bastard for well over an hour, back and forth, back and forth.

But I finally won that little battle.

Then I cleaned the mess up and started in on the saddle for the Cross Slide.

Holy Mother of God.

This is going to be ugly.

Just because I don’t have enough to do, The Old Guy across the street was trying to haul some bedding material in his 90’s vintage Dodge 4 Wheel Drive truck that I wanted to buy instead of the Chebby yesterday and it was missing and barely running by the time he got back from wherever he went to get the stuff.

This has been an intermittent on going issue because the thing just sits all the time.

He wanted me to fix it and I tried like hell to get out of it but The Wifely Unit basically ordered me to work on it because Good Neighbor type shit.

So here in a few minutes I am going to get the distinct pleasure of climbing up on top of that fucker and trying to figure out what it needs,. He said it would run right up with it in neutral and no load but as soon as he put it in gear it would start missing and that he barely made it home.

I’m going to start with the plug wires and go from there. Naturally it’s got a fuel injected 318 in it with the distributor UNDERNEATH the cowling at the top of the damn firewall.

I always hated them fuckers at Dodge for pulling that shit.

12 thoughts on “LMAO, I Wonder How You Say I Don’t Give A Shit In Chinese?

  1. Chinese craftmanship, 20 years ago when I was involved in cowboy action shooting, one of the competitors was attempting to import replica shotguns to the US from China. He got a couple of shipments. The quality was very mixed. Some guns were perfect others wildly out of spec. He was able to visit China and the factory. Watching some of the “craftsmen” working he noticed that they would put the receiver on a drill press, drill the hole and pass the part on. But they never blew the metal shavings off the press between parts. So eventually, the build up metal shavings made the receiver sit at a slight angle, meaning the hole was off which made the shotgun have trouble feeding once it was assembled. (I don’t remember the exact tool or process, I used a drill press for purposes of illustration of the problem)


  2. Ignition advance (?). Still done by engine vacuum or by a sensor reading the load then going into an A/D to the CPU then being processed 30 times/sec then …. Hell, I dont know. Things went to hell when you didnt have to physically crank the engine to start it.


    • Damn thing still had the original plug wires from 1993!

      I found a dead cylinder by pulling all the plug wires one at a time. He took it back home and found a plug with a cracked ceramic. He is going to get some new parts and we’ll go from there.


  3. Phil, save yourself some aggro and start by looking at all the vacuum lines, I will be $10 that they are all brittle, cracked or off where they are supposed to be connected. Running no load and stalling with load is classic vacuum issue.


  4. Having been to China I can confirm their QC is shit. My company still has a few items manufactured there as labor is cheap and we like to markup things 5x to 10x for retail. Our QC Dept is always rejecting shipments. What kind of quality can you get when you’re paying someone $100 a month equivalent?

    When I buy things I look where they are made and avoid China. Yeah, some shit is real cheap at Harbor Freight (screwdrivers) and it doesn’t really matter. But for most things I buy USA, Germany, Japan. Fortunately cost isn’t an issue with me. I prefer quality over price,


  5. In chinese, that’s easy BFYTW. Good neighbor shit, yep I do it to. Will I get reciprocation, I doubt it but oh well.


  6. 9-year old chyneeze girls can’t be expected to control their processes. And it doesn’t matter because they sell enough SHIT to us to fund their military.
    I’ve been drinking a little, but FUCK the chyneeze and their stupid shit concept of glorification of the CCP.
    Glad you got your neighbor on the right track.


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