It’s That Time Of Year Again Already

It was damn near 80 degrees around here yesterday and going to be warm for the next few days.

Yay, right?



It’s hot, I have to go to my Mothers.

You need to recharge my Air Conditioning. By the way, I have a headlight out too.

Fuck me.

You would think that this would be a fairly straightforward little task.

But no.

She has….. a Ford.

The dirty little sonofabitch that I absolutely hate even opening the hood on.

And THIS, is why I have an eternal hard on for the assholes who design modern (cough 17 year old, cough) cars.

Two years ago it took me a solid half an hour just to find the charging port on her little Ford Focus.

I’m not joking.

I finally found it by Braille, reaching my hand down into the front of the engine compartment, following the A/C lines by feel.

When I did find it, I couldn’t believe it.

Now, I know WHY they put it where they did, so the design engineer isn’t really the asshole here.

It’s the fucking Bean Counters.

In their quest to save a buck, someone made the decision that at a certain point on the assembly line as they were building these little fuckers, the cheapest and easiest place to have this A/C port would be riiiiiiiiight here,

so they could slam a charge in the system as it moved down the line.

Yes, that is the front right tire and the inner fender well peeled back so I can get to it.

Even then, it’s a fucking game of Twister trying to get my left hand up in there to be able to grab and unspin the cap.

Getting the Quick Connect at the end of the hose on the re-charging cannister up in there and clipped on is a whole nuther ball of wax.

But I finally won in the end.

Since there was still a bunch of Freon left in the can because I was just topping hers off, I decided to open the hood on my Chebby and top that off while I was at it.

Notice any difference?

Right up on top, out in the open with the Sun shining right down on the fucker.

The way it was for fifty fucking years and the way it should be until the last motor vehicle rolls off the line.

Dirty sonsabitches.

40 thoughts on “It’s That Time Of Year Again Already

  1. Why I like my Chevy! Mine is on the other side on top of the compressor, so it is even handier there… Ford suck black water tanks from RVs…


    • Look closely and you will notice mine still has the R12 Freon fittings.
      It took me a while but I finally found my A/C fitting adapters that I have had for twenty years, stashed away in the little drawer of my Roll Away right where I keep that kind of shit.
      I’m the only person on this planet who knows where they are.


          • Doesn’t mean you may have a can or two laying around or have gone to old mexico for some real Freon… Can you put R134 in an older system?


            • According to the Ex Spurts, no. 134 doesn’t exchange heat as well, needs a different lubricant, and yadda yadda yadda. You are supposed to change the accumulator/dryers, the sealing O rings flush the system,add the new oil etc. In reality, only the suckers go that far. I am not giving anyone any advice for any reason and anything anyone does to their own vehicle is their responsibility. Period.


    • I don’t know Cederq, the AC charge port is fairly easy to get to on the Taurus. The Escape was tolerable. I’m not sure about the Edge; in five years I have yet to have to charge it.
      Besides – everything is easy to get to on a Chevy for a reason. You constantly have to replace parts on the friggin’ things.
      Remember, I had a Monte at one point, and it was the worst POS I ever owned. Even bigger than the 89 Dynasty I paid $100 for.
      I can also show you pics of a transmission-less El Camino that puked its T5 all over the road in Vermont. That happened a couple of weeks ago. I told him he needs to get a Rock Crusher. 😉

      On a brighter note: How’s living back in free America treating you?

      Whitehall, NY


      • Having to get use to it. They still let companies dictate what you wear on your mug… You would think big companies would be bending over backwards to accommodate a paying customer up to and including washing their backsides after coming out the perma-potty. Chevy has something Ford will never have, appeal…


    • That is the high side schrader valve. You don’t want to add from a can on that valve! 275 psi will blow the can apart. If you look back to the dryer on the firewall, it has a line coming forward that has the low side shrader facing sideways to the right. That is the charge port for the DIY guy.


  2. Welcome to my world. Learjets. You can see the part or you can touch the part, but not both. More often than not, you can do neither. Parts are bigger than the access panels they’re behind or you get to disassemble half the airframe to remove it.


  3. I like my Toyotas but they can be a real pain in ass too. Changing out a starter on the 03 4WD Tacoma took a solid 8 hours. I watched a YouTube about how to do it and they guy started out with words to the effect of “you really are going to have to take all these parts off so you might as well get started”. He wasn’t kidding.


    • I drive an ‘07 Toyota Tacoma 4×4 as my main vehicle. Love that truck! Unfortunately, I never have an excuse not to get to work in the snow.


  4. That’s why women love and appreciate their husbands so much. They do what we can’t and go the extra mile.

    You’re the man Phil!!


  5. Dammit Phil for quite sometime now I have been contemplating switching to a Ford truck for reasons from a Toyota which I love. Drove chevies for years.


  6. I had a 1974 Tbird with the 460 in it. I could pass anything but a gas station. Changing the starter required dropping the steering linkage but unscrewing the idler arm from the frame. Absolutely NO room, and required special tools for those big coarse threads. I had to but a box end on it and my bottle jack under the open end and pray it wouldn’t snap. Talk about a PITA.


  7. This is why I buy Toyota almost exclusively. For the most part, you can tell an engineer sized it up and thought – some day someone will have to fix this, if it even breaks in the first place. I have hundreds of thousands of miles on Toyotas and never once replaced a water pump, alternator, or starter. I’ve replaced one or all on every GM vehicle I’ve owned.

    I bought a ’94 Cadillac Deville for $200 from a friend years ago. Had to replace the water pump, of course, because GM. 37 bolts and nuts 5 different sizes, some metric, some SAE. There was a 3″ piece of hose it connected to under the fckin exhaust manifold. Took me all morning, and once I was done and I was checking for leaks and wondering if I could set the fucker on fire, a mexican dude rolled up and asked if I’d like to sell it.

    Hell, yeah. Gone the next day.


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